full body workout at home without equipment for beginners

full body workout at home without equipment for beginners

explain step-by-step full body workout at home without equipment for beginners, A great start plan! Bodyweight Workout At Home - No Equipment Needed, Beginner Full Body Workout Without Weight, You Can Do All These Bodyweight Exercises At Home. ... can stay in shape without the need for a gym membership or expensive equipment. ... while beginners can start with a full body exercise.


I temporarily approach the strange, alien machine, carefully watching the sparks bouncing off every point, my hair standing on end by the lightning-fast force it is emitting.

"Are you sure it's safe?" I ask the man with the short beard, who looks like the tinkerer standing at the far end of the room.

"And it's already set for the right time and place?"

"Yeah, yes, we got your contract weeks ago, everything has been arranged."

"No... I guess you don't. Convince her. Do... It's necessary!"

I look at him, shocked. His expression has suddenly hardened and his eyes are prying at me. The soft hairs on the back of my neck stand out, and not the constant charge across the room.

I swallow, quite involuntarily.

"Yeah... yes, now I know."

I give thanks Taking a deep breath, I steel myself and sneak into the heart of the machine.

Everything goes black for a few seconds. I feel restless, tired, and somehow immediately have a blinding headache.

Color swiftly returns to my world, and I realize I am sitting... on a bench. Dumbbells are scattered on the floor like rubble in a battle field. This is the gym, the same as before. Same as now.

I look around, the headache is slowly subsiding. The gym is empty, except for a laughingly skinny kid who curls up in the mirror.

it's him.

“What the….are you…?”

“Yes.” I respond softly. “Yes, it’s me.”

“Well…why are you here? Are alien robots about to attack the world? Did someone die we need to save?

The only thing that died was the "I say in a serious voice, seeing 7.5kg barbell with a Vince" benefit. Let me explain ... if you want to be bigger and stronger, everything is wrong with your training. Every single thing. You're lifting too light, man. ”I say pointing to the 7.5kg barbell.

 "You don't know what I gave up to get here. Those magazines are full of drug users' articles for drug dealers. They're nonsense. We can't fight them, we need to train differently. Is. "

what do I do? I've heard I need to do high reps on curls and fly to trim muscles and eat only protein powder because it absorbs better"

I have a sudden desire to face the palm and I can’t resist it, rubbing my temples for a second.

"Pull up exercise? Oh ... like pulling on a dumbbell?" He smiles at me, somewhat cleverly.

I walk away. To be honest I don’t have a long time anyway. There is a price for every minute. "Everything you need is there. 

There's no need to waste time on most of the stuff you're doing. Flies. Machines. Curls. Bosu Balls and Battle Ropes. It's not effective."

I have to go I reach into the leather bag and get a strong whisper of the powder. Headache with nausea returns immediately.

The child is slowly looking at the notebook. He looks up.

"I don't know any of these exercises! I've never heard of them! How should I learn? I don't even have a coach!"

I smile. "Teach yourself, kids. That's the best way. Be your own coach."

"But ... do you even lift? You don't even have any muscles!"

"Yes. Yes I know. That's why I'm here. It's up to you. You are our only hope."

My vision begins to darken. The time has almost come. The child starts to walk away and yells in frustration, "But ... but what about muscle trimming?"

As I evaporate, I give him a smile and say, "You need to make something before you can make it!"

And with that, I'm gone.

The child looks down at the paper, and begins to read the scattered words, realizing how absurd it is to read his handwriting from the future:

Great Profit Guide by Jeffrey Variety Schofield

Restricted exercise

The following practices are banned for the first two years on the Great Benefit Program:

Curls of any kind. Any kind of extension. The calf rises of any kind. Machines of any kind are not listed under acceptable practice.

 Any exercise involving an unstable surface. Battle ropes. Excessive cardio.

 Any exercises related to equipment sold on late night TV informative.

"Okay ... nonsense" he thinks, looking at the Bosu Ball he bought from Sports Channel a few nights ago that he was just kicking 1 arm.

Acceptable practice

Pushing Exercise (Exercise 6)

Close Grip Bench Press, Moderate Grip Bench Press, Incline Press, Decline Press, Dips *, Dumbbell Bench Press.

Rowing exercises (7 exercises)

Cable * / Machine * / Chest Supported Row *, 1 Arm Row *, Barbell Row *, Pendle Row *, T-Bar Row *

Pressing / Shoulder Exercise (7 Exercises)

Barbell Overhead Press, Push Press, Seated Dumbbell Press, Z-Press, Arnold Press *, Standing Lateral Rise *, Prone Rear Delta Rise *

Stretching Exercises (5 Exercises)

Wide Grip Pullup, Narrow Neutral Grip Pullup, Chin-up, Pulldown, Standing Cable Pullover *

Hinging Exercise (7 Exercises)

Back Extension, Sumo Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, Traditional Deadlift, Snatch Grip Deadlift, Hip Thrust, Hamstring Curl Machine

Sitting Exercises (6 Exercises)

High / Low Bar Back Squat, Front Squat, Box Squat, Dumbbell Walking Lounge *, Bulgarian Split Squat *,

"Hmmm" he thinks to himself "some of them look familiar now, I have to read on them"

sets and reps

Each workout strives to break a personal record for rep PR in the 3-15 rep range. Attack your representative PR whenever you get the chance. Be strong.

After attacking a rep PR, whether successful or not, do a few working sets. Do sets of 6-10 reps with about 70-80% of your 1 rep max, close to failure, for 2-3 sets. 

When you get to 3 sets of 10 reps, increase the weight. If you can't do at least 2 sets of 6 reps, drop the weight.

 Try to add weight over time to all exercises.

Exercises marked with * above are best done for higher reps. Instead do your work sets in the 10-15 rep range, and attack the PR in the 6-15 rep range.

"Okay, that makes sense. So I do a full set, trying a new PR in the 3-15 rep range, then a few working sets of 6-10 reps, building up to 3x10. When I get there I put on weight."

workout split

Do three full body exercises per week, choosing a variety of exercises. Do them on consecutive days. Perform 1 compound movement per workout from each category;

 The only exception is to limit deadlifting from the floor to once per week, for other workouts do hamstring curls, hip thrusts, back extensions or Romanian deadlifts.

 Do different movements in each workout that you have enough to choose from.

Alternatively, you can do upper body twice a week and lower body twice a week.

Choose one movement from push, press, row and pull for upper body days and 1 movement from hinge and squat on lower body days. Again, as above, deadlift only once per week.

When you can't progress with an exercise, swap it out for a new variation in the same movement pattern.


Sleep at least 8 hours a night. If you think you need a 9 or a 10, you will definitely benefit from them. Be in bed preferably before 11 pm.

"Ten hours a night?!" He says it out loud. "Hey, I'm getting four or five."


eat more. Calories are king. Losing fat is easy for skinny kids like you. Don't worry about abs until you have 2-3 years of heavy, hard training under your belt.

Don't skip breakfast, not because it's the most important meal of the day, but because every meal is important when you're trying to accomplish something.

Go to the buffet at least once per week with the specific purpose of bankrupting them.

Stick to healthy, natural foods: vegetables, chicken, beef, lean pork, eggs salmon, tuna, small amounts of fruit, milk, cheese, yogurt, nuts.

Avoid sugar and processed food as much as possible

Supplement only if there is a valid reason you are not getting enough (.75g/lb) of protein.

He pulls out a calculator "Oh, I'm taking in about 200 grams of protein a day, but only protein powder."

time off

Take a 1 week break from training twice per year. If you're training hard, you'll need it.

avoid injury

Listen to your body—any pain should be addressed at the first sign. Avoid max 1 rep. Use enough variety. 

Do not use machines or movements that seem strange. Do not consciously lift slowly, but keep the weight under control the whole time. 

Do not overdo isolation work or machines that may put pressure on a particular area of ​​the joint.

Don't do this:

Extend your elbows while benching

arch your back while pressing

Round Your Back When Squatting, Deadlifting or Rowing

Drop your knees inward when doing lunges, squatting, or split squatting

"Oh man... I was doing all that... all that wrong! I think I'll give it a try."

He moves onto the squat rack, kicking the 7.5kg barbell he's out of the way, and thus begins his journey.

The color returns to my sight.

I'll step out of the shadows of the machine and see if it works. I hold my hand in the semi-darkness and tears well up in my eyes.

 I check my shoulders, then move my hands over my chest and down to my quads. 

Glutes, hamstrings, even forearms. They are all there. They are all there.

full body workout at home without equipment for beginners

“Well, shady know? He DID it…the little son of a gun actually read it…and got it done!”

I breath in, heartened and out of the corner of my eye notice a slight smile on the tinkerers face.

“That’s rare, you know.” The smile turns into a grin, his teeth gleaming as they reflect the lightning still flashing around the room.

“Usually, they don’t listen.”

Being fitness freak for more than 12 months these are my advice for beginners

 who wants to be fit.

  1. Don't choose your gym that is too far from your home. Try to limit in kilo meters. If it's far you may be looking for distance as an excuse to leave the gym.
  2. If you mess up your diet no matter how much you train your body, you will not achieve your goal. Remember 80 percent diet and 10 percent workout. (remaining 10 percent in point 3).
  3. Give enough rest to your body. Don't workout 365 days, the more you rest the more results you will see.
  4. Unless you are following a proper diet, don't waste your money on supplements. Diet is the basis for all supplements to function properly.
  5. Never miss to train all parts of your body. Don't be the guy who always trains chest but never does leg workouts.
  6. Want To Lose Weight? Your food calorie intake should be less than your maintenance calories. Conversely, to gain weight. There's No Rocket Science (To Calculate Maintenance Calories: Calculate Your Calorie Intake
  7. Never start your workout without a proper warm up (to avoid injury) and never leave the gym without proper stretching (to cool down your body) after a workout.
  8. Listen to any motivational audio or inspirational song while working out. You will be pumped to workout more.
  9. Don't forget to change up your workout once in six weeks (number of weeks varies). Surprise your muscles with a new workout.
  10. Follow the progressive overload method every week. (Either increase the number of reps or put on more weight).
  11. Don't forget to maintain proper posture. It's not about weight, it's about proper form. 1 reasonable rep with less weight > 10 inappropriate reps with more weight.
  12. Master Mind Mind- Muscle Connection. The more you engage your brain with the muscles the more results you will see.
  13. Most gym trainers usually trick you into buying supplements. Make sure it is genuine before buying it.
  14. Remember this is the quote I always say to myself when I used to look for an excuse to go to the gym.

Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.

I have been lifting for 7 years (for the past two and a half years in a row) and I lift only 3 days a week. I usually lift on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You need to give rest to your body. It grows when you are resting. Not when you're at the gym.

I believe that for a beginner or an intermediate lifter, isolation techniques like bicep curls and tricep pull downs are completely unnecessary. Instead, I would recommend that you focus your attention on larger compound movements like the squat and dead lift.

believe me. It comes from a man who wasted years doing isolated movements.

Always have a good warm-up session when you go to the gym. Limit your warm-up movements to something moving; For example jumping jacks. Do not do any static stretching before your workout. Save them for the end of your session.

I am assuming you want to gain some muscle and also that you are relatively new to it. I would suggest something like StrongLifts 5x5: Easiest Workout to Get Stronger

 to start. From there you can build on it. Find a good coach if that's possible for you. It helps a lot.

Beyond that, I can give you some general advice:

  • Emphasize weight training.
  • For starters take something like StrongLifts 5x5.
  • When you do cardio most of the time take HIIT cardio.
  • Use traditional cardio occasionally. It helps.

Don't completely ignore pushups even if you get into advanced weight training.

Calisthenics has its place no matter what.

Pay attention to your diet. It makes up more than 60% of your efforts when it comes to losing weight or increasing muscle mass.

Avoid isolation workouts like curls. It would be better to go for full body workouts or upper body lower body splits rather than chest days and abs/arm days.

 You'll feel a better pump and see great results all over. The more muscles you work, the better it will be in terms of results.

 Working a small muscle group like your arms can become wasted very quickly due to over-training.

It is important to master the correct form to perform these exercises. A wrong form can cause many problems. Lately, I've been promoting this a lot in my answers - Forms Overload!

Your lifting form is more important that how much you can lift or how many reps you can do. If you are not lifting with the right form, you are not only just inviting injury, but also hampering progress and possibly gains as well.

Exersicing with a proper form means to generally:

  • Exercise Through a Full Range of Motion - Make sure to work through the full natural range of motion of your targeted muscles.
  • Maintain Constant Tension - Avoid locking out the joint as a mean to rest and thereby decrease intensity.
  • Focus on the Negative (Eccentric Contraction) - Concentrate on the negative portion of the lift by trying to lower the weight at the same pace, if not slower, than you lifted it.
  • Slow Down Rep Speed - Do things slowly. This will help you to maintain proper form as well as to maintain tension in your muscles for longer durations.
  • Achieve Peak Contraction - Squeeze hard at the completion of a rep. You will feel an additional burn this way. Especially noted while doing curls.

A few additional tips I would like to share with the reader would be to:

  • Never skip your warm up.
  • Never rush through your workouts.
  • Unless you are fully convinced, don't work through the pain. It is not satisfactoy at all. I have done it. I hated it later.

Master the right form for those big compounded movements. Deadlifts are the best exersice you can include in your routine.

 Your lifting form is more important than how much you can lift or how many reps you can do. If you're not lifting with correct form,

 you're not only inviting injury, but also hindering progress and possibly even gains.

Exercising with proper form means:

Exercise through a full range of motion - Be sure to work through the full natural range of motion of your target muscles.

Maintain constant tension - avoid locking the joint as a means of relaxation and this reduces the intensity.

Focus on the negative (eccentric contraction) - focus on the negative part of the lift by trying to lower the load at the same speed, if not slower, as you are lifting it.

Slow Down Rep Speed ​​- Do things slowly. This will help you maintain proper form as well as keep tension in your muscles for a longer period of time.

Get the peak contraction – Squeeze harder at the completion of one rep. That way you'll feel an extra burning sensation. Particular attention is paid when curling.

Some additional tips that I would like to share with the reader would be:

Never skip your warm up.

Never rush your workout.

Don't work through the pain until you're absolutely sure. It is not satisfactory at all. I have done this. I hated it afterward.

Master the correct form for those big compound movements. The deadlift is one of the best exercises you can incorporate into your routine.

 They are a really nice compound movement that when done with proper form works a lot of muscles in your body very efficiently.

hey are a really good compounded movement that works a lot of muscles in your body very efficiently when done with proper form.

full body workout at home without equipment for beginners benifits

Some notable benefits of deadlifts are:

increased fat burning

nice pose

Unlike the case of a bench press, real life increased

better grip strength

Increases hormones (testosterone and similar growth hormones)

increased cardio (contrary to popular belief)

These are some of the really amazing compound movements benefits that everyone involved in weight training should incorporate into their routine, whether lifting for fitness, fat loss, aesthetics or strength training.

Don't undermine the cardio. You will need it sometimes.

There is no teacher greater than you in the universe. The mistakes you make are your lessons. I would like to share some of the mistakes I made during my initial days/years.

 I started going to the gym during my first year in college. It was a crappy gym with little equipment. He had some dumbbells and some barbells. The worst part was that there was no trainer.

 Yes, you heard it right. Gym full of many beginners and beginners like me and no trainer. This was enough to give you a list of mistakes I made as a beginner.

 Let me try to remember and list a few:

*Not warming up enough.

* Doing biceps curls on your first day and regret the rest of the week.

* Thoughtful isolating movements are better than mixed movements.

*Trying to curl 20kg before I can bench press properly.

*Never train my legs on those days.

*No cardio ever.

* I have no clue about the importance of protein in my diet and I ate everything I could in the hostel mess, thinking it was good for me as I am working out now.

* The worst mistake I ever made was improper form, as a result of doing some workout without any guidance or supervision.

 I just watch someone do something and then try to imitate it.

 Within a year I managed to injure my wrists, shoulders and knees.

It's been 7 years since my first day at the gym and now that I see someone doing biceps curls on day one, I give them a lesson about the need for squats and dead lifts and how important leg days are.

In the end, it's more important than anything. Nutrition. You are what you eat! Take enough protein. Get enough carbs, fats and other nutrients to support your body.

 The question is whether enough is enough. If you are really serious about exercising and working hard then you need to consume about 1-2 grams of protein per pound of your body weight. 

Again, this only applies if you're working hard and lifting heavy loads. If you want to gain weight, you need to eat extra calories; Means more carbs and fat. If you're trying to cut down, eat with a calorie deficit. 

Try to make sure you have as much raw food in your diet as you can think of. Also, cook as much as you can and avoid processed/canned foods as much as possible.

 Take a cheat meal every week to keep yourself in the game and not feel like you're punishing yourself.

Also, make sure to add enough variety to your routine once every 2 months. These are some general rules to get started. If you can follow them then you should be on the right track.

 some tips and tricks for someone who's just starting to go to the gym

Let me go one step backwards, "tips for someone who wants to start working out"

1. Choosing a Gym

While most of you would instinctively think that you should find a gym within less than a 5 minute walk, I suggest finding a gym at least 1 km away (about a 10-minute walk). And make sure you walk, not your bike. If you want to save time you may prefer bicycle.

However, it is not a hard and fast rule. If there is a better gym opposite your building, go for it, but then make sure you warm-up properly before working out. Warming up is very important to increase blood circulation. A 10-15 minute warm-up is recommended.

Other things to be considered before choosing a gym are of course the reputation, how courteous are the instructors/staff, how clean is the gym, both the workout area, cardio section and bathroom/steam room etc. See what kind of people come there. You can get a general idea about it from the fees you pay.

2. Choosing a Time

While it is entirely up to you what your office/college hours are, it also depends on how crowded the gym is. I prefer a time when there are fewer people in the gym. It also depends on when you are most energetic (both mental and physical).

(Now that you have joined your gym..)

3. Goal Setting

Set a reasonable goal with numbers. Not just "I want to lose/gain weight". It must be specific. "I want to lose/gain 5kg within 3 months". Consult your trainer before making such goals, given that you are new to it. Remind yourself of this goal everyday. Talk to your friends/family about it.

4. Plan Exercises Accordingly

I'm not sure about other countries, but generally in India, trainers don't give much thought to individuals and their limitations/capabilities (with exceptions of course). Hence they recommend a standard regime. It should not be followed for more than 3-4 weeks. With that time, you should be able to explore your limits and abilities.

5. Tracking Yourself Everyday

This is super boring. I agree But it is very effective. I've done it. Record each exercise you do with a count and weight of how many sets and repetitions you did. Also keep an eye on your weight daily. Why this? Because in the first 2-3 months, your body will react incredibly fast and you will be able to see the change in yourself. But there must be some way for this, right?

6. Diet / Nutrition

Diet. very very important.

The biggest misconception people have is that the body is built in the gym. Sorry to say this, but you are absolutely, completely, 100% wrong. In fact, quite the opposite. What you do at the gym hurts your body (say it seriously). What happens when you eat and sleep is called body building.

TLDR- When you work out, you tear down your muscles, when you eat, you provide yourself with protein to build muscle, when you sleep, your muscles recover . The more you rest, and the more you eat, the more you build your muscles.

So the next time someone tells you they work out 4 hours a day, punch them in the face, make them sit, and explain to them bodybuilding-101!

You must plan your diet carefully. Just keep in mind that you eat every 2-3 hours, you eat less carbs and more protein. You can search the net for details.

7. Gym Etiquette

  • Always carry a separate pair of shoes.
  • It's ok if you don't put on deodarant (infact you shouldn't, the goal is to sweat), but at-least don't smell so bad that people in your vicinity can't even breathe.
  • Always carry a small napkin.
  • Clean the seats/machines after you use them.
  • Music in the gym is to make the atmosphere lively and energetic. It's not a DJ party on the 31st of December!
  • You are not supposed to do spotting for someone, but once in a while, help out someone who asks. He may give you excellent tips. Always be friendly with everyone.

8. How much time to spend in the gym

"Your body is like a piece of dynamite. You can tap it with a pencil all day, but you'll never detonate it. You hit it with a hammer once: bang! Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, one Not an hour and a half crap. It's much more rewarding."

-Jason Statham

The man has said!

Most people spend 90 minutes in the gym and do 30 minutes of exercise. You just wasted 90 minutes of your day. I never spend more than 45 minutes at the gym. But make full use of those 45 minutes. The only time I rest is a 30 second break between sets and a 2 minute break during exercise changes. and water break.

9. How much weight / how many reps?

"Salt according to taste, according to exercise regimen"

-yours really :P

(Add salt as per taste and exercise according to your ability)

(Translating it to English kills the fun :P)

It is true that you should push your limits everyday, but define your boundaries and break them as far as possible. For example, you can't go from 35lbs to 70lbs in a day!

Basic Funda: Go with either low weights and high reps or high weights and low reps. Quantity is important!

Note: LWHR and HWLR have different effects on the way your body builds. Consult a trainer for details. There are many debates on which is better. It's like comparing BMW and Audi. Go with the one that suits you best.

But keep in mind that you work on every part of your body throughout the week. It's okay if you work on every part once. Twice would be beneficial, but once is perfectly fine as long as you are eating properly.

10. Maintaining Form

Perform all exercises exactly as prescribed. You do it wrong and you'll have to deal with weeks (or even more) of back pain.

Free-weight as much as you can. Do more compound exercises.

11. Change in Routine

Don't do the same exercise every day of the week. For example, if you have planned like this,

week 1

Mon-chest and back

Mars – Triceps and Biceps



Venus-Legs and Cardio

Saturn-chest and triceps

So your week-2 schedule should not be the same. Change the routine, and if possible, change the exercise. Or increase the weight/reps.

12. Always keep yourself motivated

 Ask them to keep asking you about your progress. Photograph yourself, and see how your body has changed. This is the biggest factor to motivate you to keep working out.

Please please don't take selfies or click yourself in the mirror at the gym!

(I can't really explain why, but seriously, no)

Most importantly, don't workout because someone asked you to do it, or you want to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend. 

Workout because you want to see the change in yourself and you want to lead a healthy life. Work out because you want to have more confidence in yourself. Work out so you can be happier throughout the day.

First of all congratulations because begining is always the hardest.

There are few things you should keep in mind while hitting the gym. I am sure they're gonna help you in a way or another.

  1. Motivation can get you started, you have to be disciplined to see results. There will be days when you will not feel like working out. Remember, these are the days when you should work extra hard.
  2. slow and steady wins the race. Don't get too excited to see others lift heavy loads and try to imitate them. You are no less than anyone. Follow your pace (which is carrying 25kg dumbbells today, never even started with 5kg).
  3. You can also build a good physique with natural methods. Don't get influenced by gym trainers and buy expensive supplements (you can build a body without supplements. Just learn to be patient).
  4. do not leave. Rome was not built in a day (it will take long but it will be true, whatever you want will happen).
  5. Put your ego aside. It is better to lift with proper form than to lift heavy. You can hurt yourself. (If you win more than the body allows, no prize will be awarded).
  6. Diet. It's always 40% workout and 60% diet. (If you eat burger pizza after gym, it's better to hit the gym).
  7. Concentrate on all body parts equally (the more important the drool, the more important the leg).
  8. Do not blindly follow any YouTuber or fitness model. If you have any questions it's always worth asking the people around you at the gym.
  9. Don't be that guy who keeps using his phone while occupying a bench or machine.
  10. Sleep. Your body needs proper rest to recover. It is recommended to get 7-8 hours of deep sleep (the better the sleep, the better you will feel the next day).
  • Diet Tips For Beginners Weight Loss Whole Body!
  1. Do not eat heavy meals before going to the gym. There should be a gap of at least 2 hours after a heavy meal.
  2. If you are trying to lose weight, reduce your calories. Add more calories if you are trying to gain weight.
  3. Do not make sudden changes in your diet. Most people will tell you to eat less salt, sugar and oil. You have to reduce their intake gradually. Not suddenly. We need them for the body to function. google about them
  4. Do not cut out junk food at all in one go. make a plan. Try to eat 50 percent clean food and 50 percent junk food in the first week. Second week make it 60-40, third week 70-30, fourth week 80-20. In the long run you will become accustomed to clean eating.
  5. Eat at the same time every day. Don't skip your meal. Also remember that our stomach is not a dustbin for littering. Always watch what you eat.
  6. Don't depend on supplements. Focus on real food. By real food, I mean eggs, chicken, fish, whole grain oats, fruits, vegetables, brown rice, whole grain breads, almonds, nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, peanuts.
  7. If you're trying to add lean muscle, make your protein intake high and carbs low. If you are trying to lose weight, reduce your calories. Add calories if you want to gain weight. There is an app called Healthifyme. It can help you track your calories.
  8. If you need a pre-workout try black coffee.
  9. When you make changes in your diet, your body reacts accordingly. Maintain a diet that is rich in nutrients.
  10. Workout Tips For Beginners Full Body Workout Weight Loss
  11. Warm up for at least 10 minutes before focusing on weight training
  12. Plan your workouts in advance. Google about workouts for different body groups. Try to learn basic forms and postures.
  13. Pay attention to the basics. I mean squats, push ups, pull ups. They improve you strength.
  14. Hire a trainer if you can afford it. Ask them if you're not sure what to do and how.
  15. Don't get arrogant. There in the gym people can lift heavy weights. It takes time and patience to improve your strength. So be patient and be consistent.
  16. If you want to lose weight, don't just focus on cardio. Try incorporating weight training.
  17. follow a schedule. one muscle group a day. One day before, one day chest, one day legs, one day shoulders, one day abs and conditioning.
  18. Rest is important. Sleep 7-8 hours daily. When we sleep, our muscles recover. Also take rest 2 days a week. Rest is very important.
  19. Stretch after your workout.
  20. Maintain continuity. Do not leave the gym for more than 3 days in a row.
  21. Spot reduction is not possible. You can't just reduce fat from a particular area. You will lose it all over your body. have patience. change will take time
  22. Hydration is very important. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink water during your workout. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated during your day. Watch your urine. If its color is yellow then drink water. The urine of hydrated individuals is white in colour.
  23. In the end it's all about how hard you want it. If you need it you have to do it.

 some tips for beginners going to the gym

Few tips for beginners going to the gym :

1.Workout :

its every part of the body including mind.

Exercise can help you look better.

Exercise helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases.

tips for beginners going to the gym

2. Nutrition :

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Along with physical activity, your diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (such as heart disease and cancer) and promote overall health.

tips for beginners going to the gym nutrition

3. Avoid Junk food :

If you're trying to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, you need to eliminate junk food from your diet. If you eat it occasionally as a "treatment," you probably won't suffer any consequences. If junk food is your regular choice, or if you eat it before your workout, you may be paying a price.

tips for beginners going to the gym junk food

4. Always Stay hydrated :

If you do not have enough hydrated boxes this year, it will affect your performance.

Drink water from buffalo, daring, and then Kit.

tips for beginners going to the gym hydrated

5. Avoid alcohol :

tips for beginners going to the gym alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates you. This is because it is a diuretic, which means it makes your kidneys produce more urine. Therefore, drinking too much alcohol leads to dehydration.

6. Recovery :

Sleep is important for both mental and physical health, helping you relax, de-stress, and repair your body, but if you don't sleep well, your workouts can suffer.
tips for beginners going to the gym recovery

7. Don’t quit :

Some people leave the gym due to body pain in the initial days of joining the gym, but it is normal to have some pain in the initial days, so do not leave it.

tips for beginners going to the gym quite

 7 Guidlines full body workout at home without equipment for beginners

Here are 7 guidelines you can follow for the next 30-90 days to better help you build the body you want. 

I've coached dozens of clients over the years who have seen incredible body transformations with the following 7 key tips, basic to their type (yet very effective steps to make a huge difference in a person's body!) 

The following 7 important Factors can help anyone build the greatest amount of muscle mass!Plus these 7 steps are very effective in developing and shaping any body giving very promising results.

(1) Incorporate compound exercises into your routine and learn the movements (I will post videos in near future on how to do compound exercises properly with correct form and technique)

Compound exercises are one of the most important exercises you can do because of their ability to add a lot of muscle to your body. 

These exercise movements add the greatest amount of muscle gain while creating an athletic foundation for your body that helps many individuals build their athletic physique. 

Once you have built up the muscles along with the foundation of your body; You can look in the mirror at your newly athletic body and replace it with specific isolation workouts that are specifically detailed for muscle groups such as the chest, shoulders, legs or arms to help shape your body into the better shape you desire. 

help to give.

You'll want to incorporate at least one of these compound exercises I've listed below into my routine. Try doing 4-6 reps of any of these compound routines!

 Below I have listed the isolation exercises that you can add to the compound exercises you choose for that day. 

These are just some of the isolation exercises and below are some examples of some of the isolation exercises I have illustrated. There's more, but here's an idea of ​​a few, before I give you a sample of compound exercises.

7 guidlines full body workout at home without equipment for beginners

however it is up to you to learn which isolated exercise movements better hit your desired muscle group that you will want to shape and grow.

Compound exercise samples below( with isolation exercise daily workout plan)

Squats- do 4-6 sets of squats, 4 sets of lunges with bar or dumbells, 4 sets of leg presses and 4 sets of leg curls

Compound exercise samples  full body workout at home

Deadlift- do 4-6 reps of deadlifts, 4 sets of barbell shrugs, 4 sets of pullovers and 4 sets of lawnmowers

Clean and press- do 4-6 reps of clean & presses, 4 sets of military presses, 4 sets of rear dumbell raises and 4 sets of bent over rear dumbell raises

gym  full body workout at home


women gym  full body workout at home

do 4-6 reps of rows, 4 sets of close grip cable pull downs, 4 sets of standing barbell curls, 4 sets of seated ez curls and 4 sets of dumbell hammer curls

Bench press

bench press   full body workout at home

do 4–6 reps of flat bench, 4 sets of incline barbell presses, 4 sets of close grip bench press and 4 sets of dumbell flys

Don't be discouraged if you can't master the right technique and perfect form in the beginning; It takes training and you will master the correct technique very easily. 

Don't let them get discouraged when people tell you that it's dangerous and it can lead to injury! There are more advantages in doing these movements than the opposition. 

Some examples are that it can straighten your posture, create a good facial structure and prevent arthritis and even treat back pain! 

I have trained clients who have fractured their spine in the past and experienced years of pain;

 Simply add these movements to your routine and strengthen your muscles and eliminate years of pain! 

As the saying goes (don't use it, you'll lose it)

(2) Lift heavy weights and do sets with 4-8 reps, including warm-up sets of 12-15 reps

heavy weights  full body workout at home

  • You will need to lift the heaviest weight during your first 4-6 sets (when doing a compound workout)
  • Once you get to the isolation part of the workout you don't need to do heavy lifting to build the muscles because lifting heavy weights allows you to contract the muscles to better shape for building the body of your choice. will not help :)
  • Shoot for 4-8 reps during your first months of doing compound workouts; To prevent injury and unnecessary pain
  • Once you achieve good form along with strength after a couple of weeks of training with compound exercises; Begin shooting for 5 sets of 5 reps of your compound routine.
  • Once you get the 5x5 well done, go for 2-3 reps max followed by 2 sets of your 4-8 reps (finish the last 3 sets for 2-3 reps of the heaviest weight you'll be able to) can be completed without sacrificing proper form)
  • You'll Sacrifice Some Improper Form When Trying to Increase Your Strength
  • You can also try doing your final set for one rep with the heaviest weight you can lift (if you can't lift your desired weight, lifting a quarter or half of the weight will still work for strength and muscle mass). profit will be equal to)

(3) Eat 6-8 small meals per day with 15-30 grams of protein per serving

diet   full body workout at home

Portion 50 percent carbohydrates, 40 percent protein and 10 percent fat

  • Ration your carbs, protein and fat intake with fruits, grains, veggies, red meat and seafood
  • It’s very easy to find quick and healthy meals online to put together( google)

(4)Workout 3-5 times per week between 45–60 minutes a session

  • begin doing every other day during your first few weeks with 45 minute sessions
  • eventually shoot for 4–5 days per week with 45–60 minute sessions
  • once you make a commitment; don’t do less then 3 days per week! (Even if you have to do a 30 minute session) Better to do something then miss a day that can really make a difference in your progress!

(5)Run one mile as fast as you can at least 3 times per week

full body workout at home
Og your first mile as fast as you can (the average one mile run is 8 minutes) which 95 percent of the American population can't do!
  • Shoot to break an average of 8 minutes for a mile (can probably be achieved in a few weeks)
  • Once you break the goal of 8 minutes per mile; then shoot for 7 minutes
  • Once you get to an impressive 7, start running miles and take about 6 minutes
  • Once you achieve a mile in 6 minutes you will be very fast, ripped and in good heart health
  • No need to run miles and waste much time on cardio, it is the best way to save time and cut wasted cardio exercises with minimal effectiveness and risk on training (which kills muscles or inhibits muscle gain). .
  • as well as running a mile a few times per week; "A Great Way To Boost Testosterone Levels", For Incredible Benefits

(6) rest 2-3 days per week By not engaging in physical activity & eat very well during your rest Period!

rest during  full body workout at home

  • On those days sleep well and give rest to the body; Do not hesitate to sleep more than 8-10 hours
  • Heal your body with stretches and 5-10 minutes of yoga to help your muscles heal and reduce pain
  • gold promotes anabolic effect and hgh which stimulates more gains
  • Sleeping more also promotes greater growth and recovery during your rest which is great for more muscle gains.
  • You will be tired of these workouts and the only thing you can do is to rest and eat well to recover and develop muscles.
  • As you build up in your strength and muscle mass; the pain will be hard
  • Aches and pains from exercise are great indicators of muscle development and strength increases (this means you push yourself and put in the right intensity and will be rewarded with results).
  • As you build more muscle and strength over time; As you do in the beginning, experiencing pain and muscle gain becomes more isolated.
  • You will be amazed at how fast your body can transform if you are prepared to push your body to its full potential for 3-5 hours per week!

(7) Last but not least for the seventh cardinal step.... drink 8-10 cups of water and hydrate yourself well

drink water at rest full body workout at home

  • Your new life, body and hobby will help you desire water
  • Water will taste as good as ever because your new healthy lifestyle will demand it
  • Water will eliminate cramps and pain
  • Water will build more muscle mass as majority muscle is made with yours truly

Honestly full body workout at home for beginner
Honestly, starting working can be downright scary.

I mean, there's a lot of conflicting fitness information available. Which makes it difficult to know what are the best workout tips for beginners.

As a personal trainer at the gym, I conducted between 5-10 new member orientations each week.

Most of the people who visited were brand new to working out.

Most of them were quite nervous and were just a little scared of just being in the gym.

After conducting 100 of these orientations, it became clear that most people who were new to the gym had similar general fitness questions. They were just looking for a little guidance to get started.

So, to help answer your question below is a summary of the conversations I usually had in these new member orientations.

I've tried to answer some of the most common questions I've received over the years. I've also put together three full body workout templates that you can try out; Depending on how many times you can go to the gym each week.

I hope you will find these workout tips for beginners useful in your workout journey.What should I do first?

Clearly define your goal.

Think about it this way: You won't pack up your car, fill up your gas tank, and just start driving (usually) with no final destination in mind.

No, before you set out on a road trip, you have a clearly defined location you want to reach. The roads you take (your way) may turn (wander) along the way, but ultimately the goal is to get to the final destination.

Before you start spending your time, energy, and (possibly) money working out, you should first figure out where you want to end up (ie... lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger). , your first 5k… etc.).

In short, what are you hoping to achieve?

The more clearly you can connect to your goal, the more realistic it becomes. However, it's always better to start before you're ready (more on this in just a second).

You can always add clarity to your goal later, but you should at least have an idea of ​​what you want to achieve in the gym.

Ok, I have a general goal in mind. What’s next?

goal full body workout at home

Outstanding work setting your goal.

Remember, the more clarity you give to your goal, the better, but it's better to start before you're initially prepared.

Once you have your goal in mind, just get started.

There is no need to plan much, prepare more or think much.

Just start showing up at the gym. Start adding this to your weekly routine.

A big problem I see a lot, especially when people are new to workouts, is that they like to get in their own way. Meaning they want to wait until they find the "right workout" or "right diet" before doing anything.

In truth, the perfect workout doesn't exist, and the right diet is a subject of red hot debate.

Don't wait for the perfect. Just keep showing up and get started today.

Start before you’re ready.

Ok, onto the good stuff: Weight machines or cardio machines?

cardio full body workout at home

Yes to both.

Cardio machines include the following:

  • Rowers
  • Ellipticals
  • Treadmills
  • Cardio bikes
  • Stair climbers

There are other types of cardio machines out there, but these are the most common machines you'll find at the gym. And honestly they're fine to begin with.

Cardio exercise involves working out at a steady pace for between 15-40 minutes.

Cardio exercise is great for getting sweaty, burning calories and pumping fresh blood around the body; Although you should be able to continue the conversation while gasping for breath.

However, to really start building your dreams, you'll also need to engage in weight training.

And, when I say weight training, I know this is where I start losing people, but hold on with me for a second.

Why Weight Training?

Cardio is fine exercise, and honestly a great way to start a workout; Although cardio exercise alone can't really help you build muscle.

The body spends a lot of energy in building muscle.

Simply put, the more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you'll burn at rest to maintain it. It is good for weight loss, looking good in the mirror, and is also known to increase your metabolism.

Muscle is what provides the coveted lean and toned look that many of us are going for. You have to lift some kind of weight to build muscle.

If you are new to the gym the best way to start building muscle is to use exercise machines.

Note: Exercise machines are a good place to start, but my goal is always to move healthy and able-bodied people to free weights (more on this later).

Almost all large commercial gyms have exercise machines for each part of the body.

They are very safe, and are a great way to incorporate weight training into your routine, as well as build comfort and confidence in the gym.

Every exercise machine has three key features

1. Machine Name

2. Pictures showing you "Start" and "Finish" status

3. A person with a short anatomy exposing the muscles being used

The photo below shows what you're looking for.

In this example, this machine is named "Shoulder Press" and is found under the label.

You can see the start position on the left photo and the end position on the right photo; As well as written instructions on how to do the exercise.

In the upper left corner is a man with a small anatomy, whose muscle use is highlighted in red.

The photo looks the same on all exercise machines (although the exact label may be set slightly differently)...

lifetime  cardio full body workout at home

How many days per week should I workout?

This is a good question, but really depends on your schedule.

As a general recommendation I think 3x/week (minimum) is a great place to start. If you can do more that’s great too.

What are the best weight machines to use?

weight loss  body workout at home

Good question.

My general advice is to use upper body machines that involve pulling the weight in toward your body, but limit machines that involve pushing the weight away from you.

When you pull the weight towards you, you are working the muscles of the back and shoulders.

Because most of the usage these days spends a lot of time on the computer, driving in the car, texting, watching TV etc, our back muscles often get neglected.

This is a big reason why many people suffer from awkward neck, shoulder, or lower back pain, and may even accidentally turn their back into the letter "C" throughout their lives.

Pulling weights toward your body is a great way to strengthen those back muscles (the ones you can't see), which helps improve posture and can also reduce lower back pain.

Here is a quick list of the main exercise machines that I like to recommend to people:

machine row

machine leg curl

machine leg press

machine pull-down

machine leg extension

machine overhead press

Exercise machines all have (more or less) similar names, no matter what gym you're in.

The names may vary slightly, but you should still be able to locate the machine by name.

Again, if you're not sure which machine, just ask any knowledgeable gym staff.

Plus, feel free to use more machines that are on this list. These are just my recommendations as to the most bang machines to get started.

How do I use the machines?

These machines move in only one direction.

If you don't know how to use one, ask a knowledgeable staff member for help.

Or, just wait for someone else to step in and see what they're up to (just try to be casual, and look cool).

How many times should I use each machine?

machine workout at beginner full  body workout at home

In the beginning I recommend 2-3 sets, and 8-12 repetitions per machine.

A set= The total number of times you use that machine in one day.
A repetition= The total number of times you lift a weight, in one set.


3 Sets of 10 repetitions = 30 total repetitions for that machine.

You’ll also see that written 3x10, or three rounds of: (exercise name), 10x

To accomplish this, cardio machines are great for burning calories, getting sweaty, and pumping fresh blood throughout your body.

However, they don't do much to build sleek, lean muscles.

Building muscle is important, and for that you should turn to weight training.

In the beginning it is better to use exercise machines for this. They're safe, easy to learn, and go a long way to building confidence in the gym quickly.

And, because I care about you and want you to be successful, below are three full body workout templates you can use to start a crushing workout at the gym.

Don't overthink them. They are simple by design and for a specific purpose.

After a few weeks of these workouts, once you've built up some initial confidence in the gym, you can always move on to harder workouts.

However, if you get crushed in the gym on day 1, will there ever be another day?

full body workout templates

For your convenience, three different workout templates are listed below, which eliminate the guesswork to give you actionable workouts that you can use starting today.

The templates are for 3-day, 4-day and 5-day per week exercise routines.

Choose the one that best suits your schedule.

3-Day per week exercise template


Stair climber for 10–15 minutes

Three rounds of:
Machine row, x8-10
Machine pull down, x8-10
Machine overhead press, x8–10


Treadmill hill walk for 20–40 minutes

*To walk up a hill on the treadmill set the incline to something steep, like 8% or higher. The incline on a treadmill is also called the “grade” and can be set from the home screen; usually by tapping an “up arrow” next to the word “grade or incline”.

Don’t worry about walking fast, just make sure you are walking up a hill.


Elliptical for 10–15 minutes
Stair climber for 5–10 minutes

Three rounds of:
Machine leg press, x8–10
Machine leg curl, x8–10
Machine leg extension, x8–10

4-Day per week exercise template


Stair climber for 10–15 minutes

Three rounds of:
Machine row, x8–10
Machine pull down, x8–10
Machine overhead press, x8–10


Treadmill hill walk for 30–40 minutes


Elliptical for 10–15 minutes
Stair climber for 5–10 minutes

Three rounds of:
Machine leg press, x8–10
Machine leg curl, x8–10
Machine leg extension, x8–10


Treadmill hill walk for 30–40 minutes

5-Day week exercise template


Stair climber for 10–15 minutes

Three rounds of:
Machine row, x8–10
Machine pull down, x8–10
Machine overhead press, x8–10


Treadmill hill walk for 25–40 minutes


Elliptical for 10–15 minutes
Stair climber for 5–10 minutes

Three rounds of:
Machine leg press, x8–10
Machine leg curl, x8–10
Machine leg extension, x8–10


Treadmill hill walk for 25–40 minutes


Three rounds of:
Machine row, x8–10
Machine leg press, x8–10
Machine pull down, x8–10
Machine leg curl, x8–10
Machine overhead press, x8–10
Machine leg extension, x8–10

Final thoughts

final full  body workout at home

So, I realized it wasn't a specific answer, like "start with squats."

The reason for starting work is highly subjective. There are many great ways to start a workout.

Just remember, start before you're ready.

Hit the little red launch button, explode, and start skyrocketing your fitness on the moon.

As I just mentioned, there are many ways to start a workout. However, it's the framework I've taught 100 new members to help them successfully build confidence in the gym—without paying thousands of dollars for a personal trainer to show them how.

Yes, bad for my business, but good for people. So let's call it victory.

Anyway, once you find your rhythm, get comfortable in the gym and use some machines, I suggest you start exploring the world of free weights further.

There are a lot of benefits to using free weights versus weights. machines.

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