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Triceps Workout At Home With Dumbbells

triceps workout at home with dumbbells

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This chest and triceps workout does wonders for your posture. Add these chest and triceps exercises to your next workout. Your chest and triceps workout at home. Home chest and triceps workout with dumbbells. The 40-minute at-home chest and triceps workout is an intermediate difficulty routine. Home chest and triceps workouts suitable for both men and women.


hey thanks for tuning into my Hollywood body Malaki host sunny a piece of as shaking hands or dumbbells kiss out I'm hurting here after triceps 

 co-worker shaken at which F the volume knob fa├žade dole oh gosh if I can do bicep to South American concede different excises care setting window may operating hand coffee up you could much hurry up gym membership

nearly set a octopus doing dumbbell in lady's name Monday on the bus would take same exercises you think up-and-down camera port side though dumbbells never map is a tricep K exercises your top kick sizes versa to be a variations 

I like in basic exercises you beginners Kelly become curtain order today advanced level which until you become contain depending on kidnap wait afterthought a solo by a how about we start off with shield wash 

it clean cook a simple sector here she'll projecting will tricep kickbacks belly excise tricep TM opposition campaign they are tricep kickbacks up to the monkeys return though dumbbell here remember after the old number line had missiles

 so eight hard case are because retain do know Otto cassava cassette finished her go Tina here we can also so China good so I remember our play a key thickening a gap each ok uni ever toward easy back say hit hat being said critical optical need you have a warlike Bat suit to be an adoptee you try several particular I see that Jim be up kick Mariana 

just A sin Appa big rocket kick Martin sip trice isolate okay wait a second opportunity drop something if it up career to be Beach Magical London poodle grammar but there’s a belly sized tricep kickbacks yes I exercises up of money how to playlist in the big male jingo’s as its Jessica me licking basically

 basic economic just to get in essence out of this video tricep kickbacks belly Xiao Qiao price applicants technique do the exercise one arm overhead extension arm up key is a see where he does cute adjuster have a bill : key positive events sometimes ki okay Mozza burger develop a bond

 bombing an anabolic icky chick named makes everything is straight Nietzsche German has stretch granny operative a Shaba dumbbell a machine again is a type commercial recurrent a muscle good tank tight tight tight tight so by the time you put Jenny after muscle type over Coney tendonitis tennis elbow

 is simply primary after product is written again so nice and slow stretch nice and up squeeze yeah do successes okay up in the bookcase as perfectly it's called overhead extension eight bazookas odd moving on to same exercise though the Basel case advocates octane depending octopus fit my vision as

 a project that’s an overhead extension of a quick example to you but always been dependent were you wearing a credit report the met by Odin so I am coffee this is a like a favorite what do you see we do a made a lotto crisis if you workup Kaiser jockey chip Cooney ahead they’re aligned with your Martha

 you sea gap knee push Nick Ronnie under Kirk turkey neck or same Justin a balsamic curtain and agility or Cooper at Davis Fred scripting squeeze and stretch is the key up of feel catnip Ortega muscle typically muscle co-op burn Karma silky and there's others of the blood muscle kitchen I York a muscle

 gist ranch I want to Train that's the third exercise let's move on to your fourth exercise for trilogy any chute SI video Michelle cursor tentacle opposite beginner the excesses got bigger second let’s move on to the next exercise is called your Diamond push-ups how to do Diamond push-ups a key exercise at

 great exercise it's it's a reverse of a pressI get up to a regular push-up contain regular push-up is exactly like doing a bench pressman doing a bench press Kazan version a bench press me up wait a push-up lay up this means a body coworker take is kinder karate about me who Clara kept nearly a Santana thing is

 silly a pop Jim McCarthy show up officially lucre think if we fell into the bench many ladies are like Diamond push-ups diamond push up is like tricep press up the body weight up adults if they're half of the diameter than I you can't adjust everything by given a camera Babu's  miracle together Padilla then

 Democrat either I'm Anika delay diameter when I have not met Africa so nice and slow key is Groping each allocation Anna up K next silicate pair Peck Sarika tiny change our unique eight of the but Cooper arrived to be felony GRE everything goes down same momentum or Basel vehicles that try to push the

 Basu and automatically have to tell about the buyer cooling eating a possible angle pain as a mechanic Arab see any or reproduce a puzzle kink you think we know how coolly open a diamond toric Allah give him a gap say in a hot closeoh can you eat or a diamond coal name isRAHMANI or equipped in

 each egg rather intimate now do it if you can't do itlike this you can put your knees down and do it as well it's the same exercises low and steady wins the race it’s a press boon out who put out the miss sloper on you should join faster spout you at every saloon but I saw reallythe moving on to the next

 exercise I geta little mini classical inaudible remember all gorilla glass so the next exercise let's do skull Crusher's go heat load numbers couponing fatties mean to turn-on a bunny from the mundane a cure generous wall could shake a party make yourself go to unbelievable the bench minions zoo mean

 go yes let me go you guys mind put it through okay skull pressures how they are done lump a packet nice and slow Jesse embargo gusset the opposite Joker - nothing barbell Cupid easy Bob keep a straight part you put up Nice neo could locker cage appear except there or momentum up nurse Aguirre k-

means Kunai NOS going back and forth Konya nage peachy no that's wrong that's an injury waiting to happen John says start cutting my sea legs it doesn’t matter care after double mature case I PRI in Jesus a fact we put the Capon throat Abase loser curly in digital be 20 but cut correctly to 11can I go to

 Panama doesn't matter JJirrelevant a relevant cheese do I have to work out he can make any slow stretch up squeeze the muscle get blood and oxygen in there that's another exercise for the triceps let's wrap upthe whole workout with the last exercise by the tricep dips you know up names be Chilin here

 joBhed came in jeju-do king baby collection you know what I got bench me near Syria hair you can use the dumbbells to here we go yes you dr 85 bucks for an example my name is Tina from Kelvin here you goso thank you very much octopus been cheating you Managing scrappy let's stay up gin numbers

 we use Karuna the multi set up decks classic name number 3 KFC where he does a get up the tummy bed hey that's an easier variation I’m going Tommy see here that's a harder revelation so same concept abhava Nietzsche John a JIT nap put the monologue effect on internet captain Marty say boom back up keep the tensional could wait light hair goes slow just say a heart video are a zero by Marquette in a

 slow negative movement you got to make sure you could nice and slow that his other source of blood of muscle kill the dots okay so that wraps up our workout different different of nail is at 32 weeks as you see okay I'm a diamond push up to cry come now up to the crowd tricep dips one arm extension to

 arm extension skull Crusher's she'll push it evil it trice kickbacks barn chicks as is a basic acharger said here thin thin settling garland does say butter and repetition again beginner at the inside making artsit does like a pudding it did me no via work of cryptic charger point

 when cyclic array utter does this repetition don’t numbers Moss ad a bicep tricep different different workouts to milk a car sector.





DUMBBELL-ONLY Tricep Workout | 8 Exercises for BIGGER TRICEPS

Try These 8 Exercises for Bigger Triceps in This Dumbbell Only Triceps Workout .

00:00 Introduction
00:59 Close Grip Dumbbell Press
01:21 Tricep Dumbbell Extension
01:57 Overhead Dumbbell Press
02:30 Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Press
03:28 Dumbbell Tricep Extension (Hybrid) in/out
04:12 Dumbbell Skullcrusher
05:04 Dumbbell Tate Press
05:45 Dumbbell Diamond Pushups

. 8 exercises for big triceps -------------------------------------------------- - Close Grip Dumbbell Press 3 sets 8 reps . tricep dumbbell extension 3 sets 12 Rep Rep . overhead dumbbell press 3 sets 8 reps . Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Press 3 sets 8 reps . In/Out Dumbbell Tricep Extension (Hybrid) 3 sets 8 reps . Dumbbell Skull Crusher 3 sets 8 reps . Dumbbell Tate Press 3 sets 8 reps . Dumbbell Diamond Pushups 3 sets 10 reps. . 1-2 minutes rest time between sets.


what's going on guys it's your boy minus and today today I've got some dumbbell workout for you guys so today i'm going to be showing you guys how to work those triceps heads you know if you want to build size and strength in your triceps then you have to do a lot of strength exercises 

when i say strength exercises i mean you want to go between you know a rep range of six to eight when you're working using heavier weights not you know lighter weights but if you're using lighter weights then make sure you're doing higher reps but you just know you're training more for hypertrophy

so that's more for aesthetics when you're you know going with lower weights and higher reps today i'm going to be showing you guys you know variations of each one that you guys can do or you can add to your routines for overall tricep development to be honest with you guys  this one but you know focuses

 on your chest using dumbbells make sure to click on the video or check out the video at the top of the screen right now and you know what you know how we do this man let's get this party started so there you have it there's eight tricep workouts you can dousing just dumbbells to be honest with you these are

 some of my favorite workouts with straight dumbbells okay so if you wanted to do this as a workout you could do it as all eight workouts as one full workout or you can take about two uh maybe two to five different uh tricep workouts from this and make your own workout out of it you can mix it up with chest workouts




Top 5 Home Triceps Dumbbell Exercises

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Tired of gyms, or don't even have access to one? Try BUFF again. Friends Triceps Home Workout. This routine is full of exercises that will help you build your guns! Want the Best Home Workout With Only One Pair of Dumbbells? Well you have one. Go for it, guys! triceps dumbbell workout 1. Close Grip Dumbbell Press - Holding the dumbbells together, bring the weight down to the chest and push into the up position and squeeze the triceps. It is a mixed movement. 2. Standing French Press - Holding the dumbbells together, bring them to the back of your neck for a competitive stretch and extend up and back until just before lockout. 3. Kick-Back - Keeping your upper arms still and your lower arms at a 90-degree angle, bend and extend the lower arms back to lockout. 4. Bench Dips (with dumbbells on lap) - Place hands on bench with a dumbbell (or two) on your lap. Bend elbows to lower body until upper and lower arms are at 90-degree angles and extend to lockout, squeezing triceps. 5. Dumbbell Skull Crusher - Take the dumbbells at arm's length in line with your shoulders and start by bending at your elbows, lower the weight until the dumbbells are next to your head and then extend upward until lockout, your Squeeze the triceps.

hey gyes here for the at-home dumbbell tricep workout one thing you got to think about arms has a lot of people immediately want to say ah biceps that shouldn’t be the case immediately you should say triceps because that I’ve seen it's up 2/3 of the arm so today we’re gonna be concentrating on the

 triceps making those arms look big and buff so let's get started first on the list Close Grip dumbbell press we ‘restarting this workout off with a compound movement so it's really gona stress those triceps the chest is gonna help out a little bit but what you really want to concentrate on is squeezing up at the

 top fully extending arms locking them out and contracting those triceps and then so they let them down to the bottom position so what you want to do is lie flat on the bench and in this case well we had to get a little creative we're actually using a stepping stool so what you want to do is lie flat bring the

 dumbbells together pressing nice and tight holding them and then push up through the triceps squeezing at the top and slowly letting them down to the bottom position so this is a great exercise to build a lot of mass in those triceps because it's a compound movement moving on to the standing

 French press we want to do this exercise is stand about shoulder width apart and the feet grab the dumbbell and actually swing it right behind the neck your elbows are goanna run tight to your body and actually a focus on the stretch so what you do is let that dumbbell pull-on those triceps keeping

 those elbowsnice and tight and then extend up to the top position flex the triceps just before lockout and then slightly load it down to the bottom position the total stretch so that way you get a nice stretch in the triceps you’re goanna bring up contracting and we’re goanna let it right down to the stretched

 position and this is really goanna focus on that long head of the atrical it's really gonna pull you there which is actually the biggest head in the triceps we can build a lot of mass and strength bilateral kickbacks so what you want to do is go ahead and bend over keeping your back straight your upper

 arms are going to be close to your body and stationary and your lower arms are going to be degree and go to your body so it's going to look like here and what you want to do is then it can track those triceps pushing that weight back behind you extending the arms locking them out squeezing them and then

 return them to the bottom position so the arm is at a90 degree angle this is a pretty tricky exercise and a lot of people have probably feeling it in the triceps what you want to do is nice slow and controlled let's start with the lightweight and use your triceps to can track that with backwards and really can track

 them and squeeze them at the lockout position and then return them nice and slow to the bottom position then she dips so it's another slightly compound movement and it's going to be focusing on those triceps so what you want to dois get a bench or in our case we ‘redoing a stepping stool 

and what you want to do is push the hands or the arms right behind you grasping the bench and you’re going to lower so the arms are about a 90 degree angle you don't want to go too low on these because what it’s going to do is add a little too much stress in the shoulder joint here so what you do is lower

 your body just enough before you're filling in the shoulders and then extend the arms upwards locking out and squeezing those triceps and contract cam we're going to dois put a dumbbell in your lap to add a little bit extra weight to it and you’re just going to rub them out and get a nice squeeze on each rep

 and they slow and controlled and that's just going to build those triceps so we left it best for last last but not least it's tonnage the skull Krakens so what you want to do is use a stepping stool and you're gonna light backwards on your back facing up you're goanna have your arms extended straight above

 you so that way the weights right in line with the shoulders grasping both dumbbells in each hand and you're gonna just bend right at the elbows lowering it down to the bottom position which is gonna be right beside the ears and extending contracting the triceps up to the top position and getting a nice

 squeeze so when you bring it down you want to feel a nice stretch in the tricep and you're goanna extend straight forward and get a nice contraction squeeze at the top position for those triceps keep the core tight feet flat on the floor you'll be good to go so that wraps up the at-home tricep dumbbell

 workout I hope you enjoyed it and definitely implement any of these exercises either at home or hell even if you have a gym membership you can do most of these at the gym so that wraps up also the whole complete dumbbell home workout series so hopefully you enjoyed it’ll.





Biceps & Triceps Workout for Bigger Arms 


Greetings to all the viewers Hope you all are doing well We are back with a another workout And todays’ video is especially on arms training. A lot of people had messaged me that they do train Their biceps and triceps individually But if they want to train their complete arms in a single day 

What should be the combination of workout? How to puzzle the muscle in order to increase the size of their size In today’s’ workout video I will share with you all. I am being assisted by Sapura Sandhog is going to demonstrate how to perform the exercises in the right way let’s start The first exercise which

 we are going to perform to train our biceps muscle Is barbell curls but here we are using an EZ bar instead of a straight bar Before starting the exercise make sure you check The distance between your handset should be at shoulder width Next you need to keep your chest lifted and core tightened Then lift the bar up Whenever you lift the bar up do perform the full range of motions that you are able to

 squeeze the peak of your biceps muscle After squeezing the muscle at the top bring the bar down slowly In a lot of gyms I have noticed that when people release the bar down. They do not release it completely and because of this my biceps muscle Isn’t able to stretch completely So whenever you

 release the bar downwards do not lift it back again Till the point where your bar touches your thighs Whenever you lift it up, breathe outland perform the exercise in a controlled way Also keep in mind, while lifting the bar you cannot swing your upper body too much Today’s’ workout schedule is focused

 on muscle buildings try to keep the repetitions limited to 10Number of sets will be fourth second exercise which I am going to perform is lying triceps extension In this I will focus on the triceps muscle We will use an EZ bar here as well Before starting straighten your elbows and slowly release

 the bar towards your forehead Then lift it up again Whenever you lift the bar up do perform the full range of motion So that you are able to squeeze the muscle properly Then release it slowly By performing the exercise in a slow and controlled manner you are better able to focus on the muscle in

 use And you will avoid chances of elbow pain as well Number of repetitions will be 10And number of sets will be 4The third and fourth exercise will be performed in a combination Third exercise will be one arm dumbbell curls for biceps Lift up, squeeze and release slowly Whenever you lift the dumbbell

 turn it a bit outwards And bring it back to normal position in half the way downwards Focus on the muscle as much as you can while performing the exercise Breathe out, squeeze your biceps and release it slowly Immediately after completing 10 repetitions I will switch to the triceps muscle Here the

 exercise will be one arm dumbbell triceps extension Slowly bring it down and extend your hand completely So that you can squeeze your muscle properly Release it slowly without a lot of movement in the elbows Fix your elbows at one place, down, up again and breathe out Here as well the number of

 repetitions will be 10After doing dumbbell curls I will immediately perform this exercise without taking any rest Perform 3 sets in this manner and the rest between sets will be of 60-90 seconds The fifth exercise will be for biceps muscle The exercise will be kneeling both arm barbell curl using a

 straight bar The distance between both your hands here will be 6-8 inches Now place both your hands on your knees and lift the bar up Squeeze the muscle and release the bar slowly like this Whenever you lift the bar up, breathe out While performing this keep in mind that you cannot sit too down Your hips

 should be lifted so that you are able to stretch the biceps muscle When you release the bar down Also don’t move your body too much, stay stable and focus on the biceps muscle Number of repetitions will be 10 and number of sets will be 3The sixth exercise will be for triceps muscle The exercise is close

 grip bench press Whenever you perform this exercise the distance between your hands should be 6-8 inches Lift the bar, bring it slowly towards the chest Lift it up again and try to use your triceps rather than your shoulder muscles Bring it down slowly and when you bring the bar downwards Your elbows

 shouldn’t be too much inwards or outwards Keep them free and focus on your triceps muscle Perform the exercise in a controlled way and breathe out when you lift Number of repetitions will remain 10 and number of sets will be 3Seventh and eighth exercise will again be in combination In this first we will

 do an exercise for biceps muscle Which is one arm high cable curl Hold the handle, move away from the machine and keep your other hand on your waist Chest lifted, core tight And whenever you pull, pull it until your biceps muscle is properly squeezed Secondly you cannot move your elbows too much

 when you pull Keep it locked in one place Release it slowly, pull again and just squeeze your biceps Whenever you pull remember to breathe out As soon as 10 repetitions are up I will perform an exercise for the triceps muscle with the same hand The exercise will be one arm triceps pushdown Before

 starting bend forward a little bit so that you are able to better involve your triceps muscle While performing this exercise when you release your hand upwards Do not bring it too up and limit it to this point at a 90 degree angle Press this the point your elbow is completely straight So that you are able to

 squeeze your triceps muscle properly Perform it in a controlled manner Whenever the weight goes against the gravity, breathe out As soon as you complete 10 repetitions with this hand Repeat the same with your other hand10 reps for biceps and 10 for triceps The rest between sets will be of 60-90

 seconds And as this is a finisher exercise the number of sets will be 2This was our video for today Hope you all liked it If you all enjoyed the video Do like and share with your friends and family

 I will continue bringing content like this Till the take care And thanks to Sapura to spare his time for us Keep watching Thank you.






This triceps workout at home will focus on the back of the arms but also this dumbbell chest workout to increase strength and muscular endurance with super sets combining pressing movements with dumbbells and bodyweight push ups!

For this home workout, you will need a mat and a pair of dumbbells. For your reference, the dumbbells I am using are 15kg x 2. I've only chosen 1 pair to show that you can do a lot more with one pair of dumbbells instead of me bringing you various dumbbells! I leave 1 x dumbbells for the tricep press, however, depending on the weight you have, you can do 2 x dumbbells for this part!

Once you do a 30-second press with the dumbbell(s), you'll drop into an appreciative push-up variation for 30 seconds straight, followed by another 30 seconds. We do this combination totaling 4x then on to the next combination. There are 5 different combinations, with the last being a little different in that it is 30 sec chest press, 30 sec abs and another 30 sec abs, in chest again for 4 straight rounds!!

Push ups will be tough to perform so just take your time, stop when you need to and make sure quality reps are performed! The timer is meant as a guide, so you don't need to aim for a full 30 seconds of push ups if your form is taking a toll.

chest press

push ups

tricep press

tricep push ups

tricep close press

Tricep Diamond Push Up

single arm chest press

Same Arm Tricep Push Up

chest press

straight body crunch

Crunch Pulses

Slow and control it! Just be prepared for the end of the dumbbell exercise that when the beeper goes we will go straight to the push up variation (except for the last set where we do the ab exercise)!

Let's train these triceps and add definition to the arms!


Hi everyone and welcome back so today we. have a dumbbell tricep and chest work .a little bit of them at the end as well. but just for measure also gives you a little bit of a rest in between chest press that's okay so you'll need your mouth I'm two dumbbells to. I'm using our to 15 so yes again. 

if you're in the gym with me if you're using a lot of wheels okay so you be cool and I typically be going heavier chest press a lot heavier like ship..with the dumbbells lighter maybe in my. tricep tracks but I have chose one. dumbbell so I'm going to have two things but then with the tricep part I'm use one dumbbell so that works like. pretty well for me so yes this is you are quiet whatever which you have at. home if they're maybe lighter than what you would wish simply deal that put more reps..I do protect Albany maybe do it or nine or ten reps of chest pass within the thirty Seconds but

 anyway you can do this at your own pace you go over faster. a little bit slower depending on the way. you have let's run through the exercises. real quick because you will not worry. about of a heads up with these okay so..30 seconds on the clock the entire durational 30 minutes so just remember that

 every combination that we do we do. this for four sets so you do combination and then we do it four times the. combinations are gonna run three nine. you want to start with your chest press thirty Seconds straight into press ups.normal push-ups two hands just slightly. wider than shoulder-width four times..

 okay 30 seconds between each rest. between each set for us as I okay it's..just the you know you will get rest then.. we are on to our tricep you're gonna. hold a little dumbbell you can do this.with three smaller ones if you have them. I'm gonna hold the 1:15 and I am extend I either end of the

 dumbbell.. I'm holding at the ends extending.Italian a lot going on the triceps.following up we're straight into our..tricep press so ya hands stream under ..the shoulders to replicate into .we've done 30-second rest again okay.every time next combination is going I'm holding the

 dumbbell here it's.. going to be your tricep press but more.. of a diamond position like a press you'll be holding the middle part of ..the dumbbell for the two dancer here.. extend block like the triceps this is..gonna  burn.. then you're straight into Diamond.. push-ups so yeah that's a challenge I.

 .don't expect another to be really hard. that part okay because you've just found.. that movement with the dumbbell and. you're straining to that move work with.. he push off if he's a little bit harder.. for you just open them up so you're. still nuts with them in these on the floor as well with your.

 .knees on the floor all the push-ups done of course on the knees okay for.. now then we're on to single arm balance work a little bit of core. .trying keep stable nice and slow single. .arm chest press then with this arm that. .you've just worked you're going to lie. .on your side and

 you're gonna hug and want to extend tricep I'll put a. .picture no feet see so as you can see..I'm pushing through the tricep the only. .I would say I could do 20 whatever problem but I'm expectin today to. .find five very difficult because our. .triceps will be completely it's this

 point so we keep switching the way through those four sets of. .that then to finish we are on the to.. four sets of chest press back again that.. should speed up a little bit harder then.. the first time you did it you got to do..30 seconds chest press we're gonna  then .go straight into 30 seconds of upper

 abs.. nice and strip crunch and then 30-second..pulse crunch then we go strip again. .again four sets and total for that chest.. press on AB combo at the very end so.. again who pees into a sock right this. .will be tough okay and I'm expecting to.. really find those single on tricep..push-ups really difficult

 but  that's.. good that means that you are working.. your triceps your chest so yeah let's. get started.....[Laughter]..............last late at night and died and be .swimmer now. .it's like without you I just fall apart.. and I don't know what handles all of my ..emotions blow in a way that I just come ..from cuz

  I'm losing this I don't know .how to act but I feel.....take no hip it's I like that you're free ..I  wanna be fair with you Jason Heiser..take the a way that I just can't..cuz I'm moving this I don't know.....but I a father.....take...I used to be so long now I can't be. .alone ..I used to be

 but I feel..I first though until you came I was. .breathless..when we first and couldn't keep my hands.. of next never thought I'd feel this high in. .skies never felt this close and when you.. kiss me I can't believe it I am yours.....until you...thought I'd be a punk online I would ..never take enough

 okay...nobody's like you you are not normal at ..all no I feel like I want to let down my.. garden just for fun one was before someone let me go  ture...someone was before be sure...bring you down. .the.....nobody's like us and when people see us.. they know ah I feel so much for you that..I

 don't know what took them someone was. .before you someone we go. .for sure ..someone must before someone .but to be ..there's.. crowd by side right by side....






40 Min Chest and Tricep Workout at Home with Dumbbells - Home Chest Triceps Workout Routine


hey everybody it's your personal trainer coach Kazak and I'm Claudia and this is our muscle building chest and triceps workout today's workout uses multiple muscle building techniques they require you to have at least two pairs of dumbbells you're going to want one heavier and one lighter pair so you can

 switch up your weight as needed while dumbbells are the only required piece of equipment today you will have the opportunity to incorporate either a bench or a stability ball in today’s workout if you haven't warmed up yet go-ahead and click the link up top and we’ll send you on over to our quick five-

minute warm-up otherwise let's get into it[Music]we're starting with the two-in-one movement it's a press to a negative fly we're going to start with a lighter weight doing a set of 15 followed by setoff 12 and 10 then 8 we're working our way up and weight as we go get ready to perform a chest press

 movement I'm going to be using my stability ball Claudia is going to use their bench if you don’t have access either one feel free to perform this move from the ground so let's go ahead and lie back it into our chest pressed position so we’re going to do a press on the way up we’re getting those hands

 together squeezing your chest and then when turn your palms so they're facing inward and negative portion for the flies like bend in those elbows control the descent bring them back to starting position your hands back and press again so I know there's a couple different components on this one but the

 goal of this one is to overload what you're able to do in that negatively so you know really the strain on this movement should be coming on that fly I want you to control that way as it comes down and then boom press up be sure to breathe if you're on testability ball keeping your hips up cornice and tight this

 just adds a little extra element of stability in core if you’re on the bench either way I'm going to keep those feet firmly planted on the ground again we're doing 15 repetition son this first one pressing up and then as those dumbbells are lowering you’ll net stretch in your chest got five mark and controlling

 that descent almost there keep it going we’re just doing this exercise to start on its own we're breaking just long enough for you to change that weight and mix it up almost there feel a little burn going button through it two more and last one right here and last one excellent okay so go ahead and set that weight

 down and we need to raise that way just a little bit for your next set of twelve repetitions so I'm going to up my weighty about 20 percent when you're doing using this muscle building technique and mixing up your weights and your reps really it's all about this feel and experience and knowing what weights to

 use and if you need some times if it's the weights too much for me I'll keep the same weight for maybe a set or two oh yeah you don't have to change it every time you'll figure it out as you go and again if you just have a couple pairs of dumbbells you probably want to switch it up at the midway point

 correct all right so let's go ahead and get right into it next set now this time we're hitting twelve repetitions pressing up and again nice and controlled on that way down breathe so on this one you're breathing in on the way down as those dumbbells are being lowered and you're breathing out as you

 press up excellent keep it up this one's working not only your chest but also hitting your shoulders your triceps as well a little extra credit on this one nothing wrong with that three keep fighting guys pushing through rep by Rep excellent work you more almost last one and done good okay so that's

 halfway through this first one again I'm going up my weight we have a set of 10 repetitions coming up oh I definitely do fill those on my shoulders as well alright change it on my way like a so go up about 20% if you’re looking for a general rule of thumb how much you should be increasing if you can

 alright getting back into it here let's go and start this next set in five four three two one it’s important that we take we use a little rest periods in between and just don't just go one right into the next your muscles do need that time to recover so you can use the maximum amount of weight which in turn

 allows you to build muscle so they'll break periods they're very important they're going to be very important through out today's workout if you're used to doing some of our hit workouts yes today is going to go a little slower paced but the point of that is for you to increase and increase that weight that

 you're using tomorrow don't be afraid to pus hit on the weight excellent one into the next bend laughing right there excellent work okay we have just one more remaining of this I'm going to max out my adjustable dumbbells here I'm using power blocks if anybody's wondering we do recommend these

 adjustable dumbbells there's a link and available in the video description if you want to check them out some nicer space saver that's right for sure definitely okay what do we got next that is starting here in five seconds ready position last set so this is your set to go heavy if you're going to do it all right

 everything you got out there on this last one really control that lowering portion with the Flies don't allow those dumbbells to just fly down but instead you’re really controlling that eccentric negative portion of the move and then as you press up squeeze that chest up at the top three more good one and

 to the next you guys got it boom your machine let’s see it come on keep it up guys almost there man last one right here that's it last one boom ah really good nice work next we're going to do a superset we’re going to go back and forth between an underhand dumbbell chest press and standing low

 dumbbell fly so we're going to do a set of fifteen twelve and then ten again increasing the weight as you go so we're going to start with that underhand chest press for a set of fifteen getting into our line down position here whether you're on your bench ball or on the ground would lie back and on this time

 we're going to have our hands in an underhand position so that means palms facing up go ahead and let those elbows naturally flare out to the sides as they come down don't feel the need to keep them in and then as you come up you're squeezing that chest up at the top this is just a way to go ahead and hit that

 chest from a different angle that we don't usually do donate a little muscle confusion here great way to spark some new growth and on this one make sure that you keep that weight over your elbows that is your source of power again breathing in on the way down breathing out more on the way up 15 in total

 almost there starting to feel that lactic acid kicking in pushing through it good breathe almost there and last one good good okay so we're lowering the weight again like I said a superset we're doing that standing dumbbell fly this is your first time doing this one I recommend a pretty light weight so you

 can get the feel of it it's not an easy move and we're going to do 15 repetitions let's get into a staggered stance feet shoulder-width a part little bend in those elbows hands out to your side bring those dumbbells straight up using your chest and control them on the way down that's the big key is do not

 allow them to just flop and fly downright but instead you're controlling both that raising and lowering portions on wrapping in the neck squeeze that chest up at the top nice work guys again 15 reps on this one sticking with it really isolate those chest muscles don't allow your biceps to get involved five miles

 let's stay nice and under control go to work guys almost there two more and here we go last one whew this one is a killer last line perfect who a okay so we're going to probably raise that weight back up going to the under hand chest press and we're doing 12repetitions this time so raise your weight

 accordingly all right get ting into position you never tell you how much I love moving these balls around all right go on lie back palms are facing up and let's get right into it keep that core tight again controlling both parts of this movement not just the pressing but also that lowering face equally as

 important driving those palms straight up six more nice and controlled good work guys keep it up breathe in on the way down out on the way up big power two more and last one nice smooth lay down all right again we'll keep these super sets going back-to-back here get into that low fly their minimal

 rest here on this one by design and keep that pace up we get a set of 12 coming up either stagger a little bend those elbows and let's hit it right into a guide you should bring those arms out to your sides as they come down not just straight down help you to engage your chest and make sure you're not just

 using your shoulders or your biceps nice and controlled again I know if you might wait here to get a big ole swing in but don't do it come on breathe nice and controlled think about what brought you here today to begin with Kim why what are you trying to accomplish come on focus on it last one that's

 perfect kill there those are effective that is for certain okay one last one of this all these underhand presses one last time raising away just a little bit here setup ten repetitions on this last one getting into position so in short this last one in five seconds three two one and right into a guy's good gang control

 that descent not just the way up you don't have to keep your elbows in tight to your body it's okay if they flare out a little bit actually preferred helps you use chat I have more this one is flying by just ten reps on this last one almost there two more pop earn so good and last one boom perfect all right one

 last one of these low flies these things are burning me up good I'm still going to increase my weight feel free to do so you want to maximum gain so you do have to push yourself put yourself out of that plane kids are thinking what are you thinking Claudia going up oh she's pushing it - all right here we go

 guys we're here you're pushing it with you rep by Rep let's go after it right here ten times right to squeeze that chest up top three who I'm hurting already therefore that's a bad sign five clown were right there with you guys don't quit six nice seven push through eight Kim why come on now about how bad

 you want it I find how hard you want to work for it boom there it is nice next up we're going to do a double superset we're going to go back and forth between a fly and a dumbbell chest press without setting down the weight so first we're doing eight flies followed up immediately by 15 presses and then

 you get a rest choose your weight accordingly in correct because we're not switching late we're not switching weights we're going to try our best to keep that same way to synth whole time so find a weight that's appropriate for you but there will be enough time in between sets if you need to drop your

 weight if it gets a little too heavy but that's about all there's time for now okay no no time for recovery okay lying back again we're starting with a dumbbell fly so slight bend in those elbows control that negative portion on the way down all the way up and all the way down on this one good core stays tight

 and eight repetitions of this one and then we're going to move right into a dumbbell chest press yes it is gonna burn as much as you think it is more all right it's worth it though not an easy and last one okay so we're moving right into the presses now boom 15 times not come out well don't be afraid to get a little a

 little faster pace on these ones still controlled but this is more of a burn out technique come on let's go ice control bar and the way down good good  good almost there14 and last one all right nice go and sit them down so the good news is that one's over with the bad news is we got to do it three more three

 more set three more sets so three more times through that little round just a few more seconds here in between it got my chest a little bit check it out if you need to let's get it going in three two one and zero into those flies for fifteen repetitions eight I'm sorry eight repetitions I knew that thank you see what

 would I do without Claudia to keep me on track over here the chest press is 15 fly is ace nice work guy and more is a brutal combination and eight trying to the press right into that press start knocking them out this is a brutal combination for your chest it just overloads it that's where that growth comes from

 for sales force those muscles to adapt that trick to doing right here keep it up guys doing great stick with it high and more come on grind them out fighting through that burn you got it14 and 15 right back up boom very good very good okay I'm gonna  raise my weight just a little bit I think I went a little a

 little too light not by much though starting that next set in five seconds though so don't think you're getting an extra break just because coach took a second to raise his weight all right right into it guys let's go right into that fly boom full range of motion nice and controlled again hugging the tree that's it I

 always say on this one like Larry just said go and pretend like you're wrapping your arms around a bigot wide tree so you don't have them straight but at the same time you don't have so much Bend either nice happy balance Tamar it's a great way to isolate that chest and last one righ there eight all

 right 15 presses you know what time is let's go nice work guys all right here focus on what motivates you what brought you here today more what is it come on getting a little closer to that goal with every rep every movement getting they’re so focused on more you got it come on nothing can take that away

 from you let's go last one 14 and 15 right he relist one perfect all right that way it was more appropriate I'm feeling it feeling it guys I hope you are too I’m going to stick to right why Matt all right that's good we got just one more set of these again not much break let’s break for five more seconds

 that's it shake it loose if you got to the last set of this crazy superset crazy good she must mean crazy effective crazy effective 301 hope I was already going all three mature she was excited she was pumped up come on keep that energy high guys during this workout you got it stay positive you can do

 this all day longsome on you got it nothing can stop you nothing can stop you oh seven and eight right here perfectly that’s not got those 15 presses right into it nice full range of motion so give me these little baby ones where you’re going halfway up halfway down really got to go all the way down if you

 want more engage those chest muscles which one oh you do oh you got it right through last set right here almost there five more and twelve[Music]fourteen last one Oh fifteen who excellent job alright next we have this pretty killer burnout Claudius super excited aren't you that's our excited we're going

 to doe one and a quarter push-up so we’re going to go all the way down is one gladto do it for knees her knees I'm doing it up top and then we renew an extra quarters here come quarter the way up back down and then all the way up soit's one quarter down back up we’re going to repeat that for 30 seconds

 you’re gonna get as many in as you can and then we're going to take a 15-secondbreakrepeating that three times the purpose of this is to burn you out so give it everything you got let’s go now you know I was excited now you know let's start this in three two one right into it one quarter back up and again

 just getting as many as youcan and a lot of time period let's just put extra emphasis on your chest take your chest pull double duties while I was down there in that bottom position keep the core nice and tight on this one and just empty that tank out giving it everything you got we got ten more seconds if

 this first set come on keep it up three two one zero nine okay that's one time down this break is going to go quick take a couple big deep breaths we're going to get in aright now come on right there with you cloudy and we're all fighting with her guys three two one you got it let's goo Megan 30 seconds

 again just the tension of this is to totally wipe you out so if you're a master at push-up sand this is too easy put your feet up on something make it harder but find a way to get it done come on sticking with it guys on your knees that's okay just get as many as you can doing this one now four five four three two

 one zero who we're feeling it right there with you we're not giving up though don’t pause this video don't give up give it everything you got I can't pause I wish I could we can’t pause I can right there with you guys let’s do this one now in five four three two one last set of these come on grind them out guys

 what you got prove it to yourself on this one squeeze that chest as you press up come on everything you got putt all out there on the line no holding back let's gone of the next get that full quarter at those extra quarter push up at the bottom let's go ten more seconds almost there come on right through fight

 through five four three two one and zero way to finish strong all right we're not quite done yet we have just one last set remaining we're going to do a push up hover so we're getting down in the bottom push-up position and then we're just going to hold Oh 30seconds kins let's go right here hold and breathe try

 your best to stay downing that negative position but anytime you need to come up and rest you can do so but we're trying our best just toehold it and if you come down you need to break for a second come right back up get back into it just make this workout your own but keep fighting don't quit right to the

 end right to the end you got it guys chest is burned we run two guys who hundred second back up and into it come on that's it we just have 15more seconds that's it fight through don’t give up don't give up oh come on we’re right there with you guys right there with you five four three two one zero ah that

 exercise did its job alright we're going to get started with four sets of eight of a diamond push up so this push up really concentrates on those triceps really isolates them we’re going to put our hands in a diamond position nice and close together Claudia’s going to do this one from your knees I'm going to

 do this one on my feet but you could also do this one with your feet elevated on your bench or chair it's going to allow those elbows to come out to the side keeping your core and back straight we're doing eight repetitions alright let's get into it in three- one and begin nice and controlled doing the best you

 can to get a full range of motion these are tough even from the knees this is a tough move keep that core tight back stay straight come on you should have breathe in on the way down breathe out on the way up last line excellent okay so it's a short break just enough time for those triceps to get a little bit of

 recovery in and we’re moving right into that next set so again four sets in total this one's back to back to back to back all right let’s go get in position now and three two one next eight repetitions begin all the way up all the way down excellent Aikentruth whatever you do not hold your breath on this one

 again breathing in on the way down and exhale on the way up last one right here good okay that's halfway done my triceps are already feeling it yeah that's my favorite it's only one of the worst ones every translation one of the best words ever I mean it we are we're all going to love the way our triceps

 lock but it’s terrible all right here we go next one and three two one begin again full range of motion on this one keep that back straight core stays tight nice work and if you started on your feet you need to drop your knees totally okay encourage you to make this workout your own almost there fight through

 it guys that’s one right here all right wait finish strong I got just one more of these that's it sometimes these bodyweight ones are the biggest killer hey-ya if you think about it holding on to some dumbbells isn't gonna be as heavy as moving your own bodyweight all right last one right here finish strong guys

 let's go in three two one right into it not explode range of motion think about what brought you here today to begin with what is it could be an important theme throughout today’s workout staying focused on your why come-on let's go three more almost there last three only two more let's hit it boom just one

 more you got it you got it excellent nice work next we're going to-do a killer superset we're going to do two exercises back to back first we’re going to do a dumbbell triceps extension followed by a dumbbell narrow press I’m going to do the moves from the floor but if you do have a bench feel free to grab it

 and you can do them from your bench we’re going to do each exercise for a set of twelve ten and then eight we’re going to be working your way up and waits you go through getting a little bit heavier every single time so on this dumbbell triceps extension we're going to-do it with a three one tempo which

 means we’re going to take three seconds on the way down one two three and then one second on the way up again hitting that one for twelve repetitions here we go three two one begin palms or face one another only bending at those elbows nice and slow on the way down one two three and up good one

 two three one on the way up you got it good keep that pace up throughout the course of this set I know it can be tempting to really pick up the speed as you go but you’ve got to take it slow one two three up good posture face with one another really focus on just bending at that elbow not allowing any other

 muscles to take overbuy just bending at that elbow we really isolate those triceps muscle building is really all about time under tension it’s two more guys so by using this slow technique really allows you to get that time under tension last one all right now we're transitioning right into an arrow press so keep

 those elbows in down and up press keep those elbows and your chest will get hit a little bit on this one but really you're not hit those triceps so we're hitting 12 repetition son this narrow press again one right into the next you're breathing in on the way down out on the way up keep those elbows and upper arms

 tucked to your sides now help allow you to get more concentrate on those triceps one more right here boom guys excellent okay you can set those weights down so that was our set of 12 of each and now we’re going to move up and wait just a little bit for this next set of 10 of each you decide what weight

 is right for you maybe you'll keep the same weight this time and move up and wait the next time again it's all about making this workout your own you see I'm using my adjustable dumbbells here these power blocks if you’re interested in them we do have a link in the video description you can check

 them out okay I'm getting in ready position set of 10 of each exercise getting a little harder every time here we go three two one again control that descent and one on the way up excellent again as those triceps get fatigued it’s going to be just that much harder to control that negative lowering phase so you

 just really need to concentrate on it that much more excellent breathe guys whatever you do do not hold your breath halfway nice going to fly by right here when those triceps start to burn and catch on fire and just remember that’s just that lactic acid just that muscle fuel that your muscles use creating

 that nerve response you don't have to listen to that burn you’re stronger than that burn right here last one right here guys then we’re going to transition right into that narrow press here we go ten presses going one two three keep it up full range of motion all the way up all the way down keeping those

 elbows in you got it almost there last one I'm done okay let's set those dumbbells down all right so that was the second one two down one to go with it next set word performing eight repetitions of every one I'm going to go up and wait just a little bit so we ‘retaking just long enough a break for you to adjust

 your weight accordingly we decide what's right for you we have eight repetitions of e to Claudius whipping out the big the big dogs for this one all right here we go guys let’s go last bit of these volume through that burn three two one control that way down excellent job and I hit all three trice heads today

 breathe nice and controlled on the way down I know it's easy to forget about that part specially lay weights get heavy but control them one-two three up two more come on almost there here we go last one right here all right hit those eight presses let's go one right into the neck skill one two three four

 keep it up five almost there six seven last one eight whew steps are starting to feel good all right we got another superset coming up for this one we're going to need either your bench or your chair we're going to-do a seated dumbbell triceps kickback forth first one and then we're going to do a dumbbell

 about extension for the second one we're going to do both of these first set of twelve ten and then eight just like the last one working our way up in wait let's sit down at the front of your chair or seat like you to bend over a 45 degree angle first we're going to do is raise those elbows up so your upper arms are

 about parallel to the ground now we're going to perform a tricep kickback alright we're doing this one for 12 repetitions let's go in three two one and begin and again using that elbow as a lever or as a hinge and only bending from that elbow keep those palms facing in ward you should have breathe squeeze

 those triceps up at the top you have two more almost there squeeze those triceps last one and do Neal right excellent using that chair going to move it out of the way otherwise you go ahead and continue to use your bench we're going to lie down on our backs performing a dumbbell elbow out extension so on

 this one palms are facing forward and keep those dumbbells touching one another and allow them to drop down elbows come out and then extend straight back up for 12repetitions it's right over your chest correct all right right into it starting  in three two one begin again key on this one is to keep those ends

 of the dumbbells touching as the dumbbells come down really isolates those triceps doesn't allow any other muscles to get involved we don't want to turn this into a chest press or while your shoulders you get involved again hitting this one for 12 repetitions almost there breathing in all right guys breathing

 in on the way down out on the way up last one excellent all right I was probably a little too light on that first one so I'm definitely going up on this next one at our set of 10repetitions coming up so those triceps kickbacks all right let’s get you at my seat over then over on that 45-degree angle elbows are up

 and let's hit it for ten repetitions begin full range of motion squeeze those triceps up at the top there we go this weights a little more appropriate weight I'm feeling it guys hope you're feeling it too let's go that challenges the feeling of change happening that’s what Oh last words can go by fast all right right into

 it going through the ground or lying down on your bench dumbbell elbow out extension ten repetitions it's a pace up and to the dumbbells are together and begin drop them straight down and back up good again don't be afraid to change the weight as needed it’s encouraged you want to build serious muscle

 you can't be afraid to go heavier on the way nice work guys and repetitions on this one you're almost there guys you have two more after this and one last one and done good okay I am gonna stay with my weight and I'm gonna go heavy I'm going to go up again okay last set of eight repetitions for this next

 one again you choose that weight that is right for you and you come back next time you get a little bit heavier that's what it's all about just that little bit of improvement every single time progress all right who this is going to feel good I already tells us about picking up these dumbbell al right let's go eight

 repetitions in three two one and begin full range of motion squeeze those triceps up at the top halfway try your best to avoid swinging Mills dumbbells and it would be easier if you did when guys and nice okay to the ground we go or line down on your bench last setof these elbow out extensions for eight

 repetition getting started and three two one zero actually ends of those dumbbells stay together get nice full range of motion control that descent that lowering phase don't just allow the dumbbells to fly down but instead really control three more flying through that burn guys let's go you're stronger than that

 burn you got it one into the next last one excellent alright guys I got good news and I got bad news the good news is you're almost done with your triceps bad news is we're going to finish up with a triceps pop up burnout so we’re going to do a Tabatha style burn out 20seconds of work ten seconds ten

 seconds of rest we're going to do that four times Cullotta is going to do this one for your knees I'm going to do it up top they’re both tough we're going to go-ahead and get those hands out in front of you so not in line with your chest if they normally would for a push-up but instead out in front hands are

 just shoulder-width apart you're going to drop those elbows in and down to the ground and then back up we're going to-do that for 20 seconds straight then we’re going to hit a 10 second rest repeat four times here we go we're going to get started and five four three two one zero here it is put it all out there

 guys the name the game is getting as many good form repetitions in as you can being sure to breathe keep that core tight back straight elbow stand don ‘tallow your shoulders or your chest to get involved three two one zero all right ten seconds rest I promise you this ten seconds is going to go by fasts don't

 go too far shake it out getting started in three two one right into it so that's one down three to go I’m can you get guys want you to challenge yourself here at the end if you versus you looking in that mirror because thatis where your competition is you got it keep it up almost there four three two one even I'm

 good that's half way down two down two to go home and buy are you so good two one zero go it burns so good that's right Claudia here we go elbows stay in don't allow them to flare outland if you start it on your feet you need to drop to your knees that’s totally cool just keep moving don't hit that pause button

 don't give up you got it almost there go three two one zero all right we just have one last one give those arms a good shake one more that lactic acid moving three two one let's go last one you got this guy pushing through lets goes what you came here for come on fighting to the end here fighter not a

 quitter let's see it right here last ten seconds what do you got put it all out there come on come on come on there two one zero AHA nice or not nice work right oh yeah nice work out there and I guess it wasn’t terrible survive our life I there’s a little better thank you so much for working out with this today

 if you like this workout you've been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patron page we can find out more of alike and support our mission keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed this workout routine with us


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