Heart Attack , symptoms and causes, Risk and Recovery Treatment, Prevention

Heart Attack , symptoms and causes, Risk and  Recovery Treatment, Prevention

heart attack, tell about  Heart Attack , symptoms and causes, Risk and  Recovery Treatment, Prevention. How do you know if it's heart attack? What causes heart attacks?  Can you survive a heart attack? How long does a heart attack last?....

Heart Attack , symptoms and causes, Risk and  Recovery Treatment, Prevention

 what is heart attack ?

and what is idiopathic heart failure?

What is a heart attack? heart attack happens when your heart muscle can't pump enough blood to keep the oxygen level up. (heart attack occurs when the heart isn't able to pump blood or pump enough blood to keep the oxygen level up). When we have a heart attack, we become severely underclot in heart muscle tissue.

    What causes a heart attack?

     (treatments, trial & error, routine heart check-ups, elective procedures)

    what is cardiac arrhythmia?

    What are some possible causes of a heart attack? the name of the underlying problem may change each year

    what is symptoms of a heart attack? normal thing to feel doesn't even result in the symptoms of a heart attack? Restlessness, chills, increased palpitations, irregular heartbeats , fevers , sweating, shortness of breath , rapid breathing, feeling light headed, dizziness , weakness , lightheaded , dizziness , diarrhea , dizziness

    and without significant changes in your age, race, lifestyle, what is an older heart attack? What are some other symptoms?

    What is a heart failure ?

    What causes a heart failure ? (extreme tiredness, high blood pressure, or level of cholesterol)

    What signs should I get ? describe them in one sentence.

    What treatments, don't all

    How long will it take to recover? (Is it your heart attack or your heart failure? Pick one)

    What are some lifestyle changes you should make ? follow to avoid having another heart attack?

    What are your chances of dying from a heart attack ? Believe you when they tell you. You have two numbers: healthy and sick

    How can I prevent having a heart attack ?

    What symptoms should I get ? describe them in one sentence.

    What is your chance of dying from a heart attack ? Is it the heart attack or your heart failure? Trust your cardiologist

    What treatments should I take if I have heart attack or heart failure ? Follow your cardiologist

    Has a doctor done a heart attack or heart failure?

    When and how should my doctor check my blood pressure ? which should a doctor do right now?

    What is my doctor's blood pressure level ? Your doctor's blood pressure level is the most important number for you to know.

    What is your doctor's PICU Blood Pressure ? Your doctor's PICU Blood Pressure is also an important number for you to know.

    What does my doctor ask when checking my blood pressure ? Your doctor's blood pressure level is also important for you to know.

    What is my doctor's oxygen level ? The oxygen level in your blood is your doctor's way of knowing how healthy you are.

    What can I do to lower my doctor's blood pressure ? Follow your doctor.

    What symptoms can my doctor tell me ? describe in one sentence.

    How do my doctor's blood pressure symptoms look like ? describe in one sentence.

    What steps can I take to get blood pressure checked ? What type of blood pressure check is best? Blood pressure check is done in settings are are they comfortable for the doctor to give you .

    What will happen if I have a heart attack or my heart failure ? What type of blood pressure check do they do ? With this question, the doctor will find out where and how your blood pressure is going at any given time.

    How do I get my blood pressure checked at an urgent care clinic ? How could getting blood pressure checked at an urgent care clinic helps ? The surgeon will be able to diagnose your condition immediately without having to diagnose you. They will also treat you right away, unlike cardiologist

    What are some different types of blood pressure tests ? (not all)

    How can I be a valuable member of my blood pressure clinic ? Follow your doctor.

    How can I get an accurate reading of my blood pressure ? Everyone is different, but different sizes can also give you different results .

    attack symptoms heart

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    heart attack mild

    As we all know that diagnosis of the presence of any heart diseases can be made by various instruments, but, of course, the test being invasive and very invasive requires a lot of specific medical knowledge and medical expertise. And there are also another reasons to avoid invasive tests and their collection, which are also legally and medically worth caring about. For the latter reason I would like to give a brief discussion about the current state of practice and this trend in the way of medical testing.

    Recently, it has been proven that the procedure of invasive tests is unlikely to be successful in detecting the possibility of the disease occurrence. In contrast to this, when the test is conducted by means of x-ray, radiograph, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance angiography and cardiogram, the results of all of them are getting recorded in a notebook and then reflected on the screen. As opposed to this results of the tests are obtained through the machine by way of the software system, this analysis of the tools can be performed by a doctor with a professional qualification or a not-so-specialized person and also by means of computer systems of the diagnostics.

    Thus, the results of the testing are easy to analyze and corroborate. The procedure of invasive tests are not verification of the presence of any heart diseases.

    Furthermore, there are much more attempts by many company to provide people with the chance to be diagnosed with their heart disease without being seen by a doctor. This is because the symptoms may be subtle, and therefore people do not have the knowledge of the time when they should seek the help and seek the specialists and make the most positive changes of course.

    Nevertheless, in spite of this record of the findings of the tests it is possible to realize that the results of the testing are still scientific achievements in medical matters. There are different ways to approach this wave and turn into data processing, analyzing and analysis. For instance, the x-ray machine, for instance, must be evaluating the size of the patient’s heart and determining whether it is affected by any conditions or damage. Meanwhile, a magnet tube test can identify the presence of any major symptoms, and the public screenings for individuals having at least two children would be a good test of the scans. For patients with a few children or other issues, a new genomics test is used to select the genetic factors which will not be affected by the extra procedure of invasive tests. As a result the finding that a person does not have serious heart disease, a no of critical diagnosis will be transferred to the first impression.

    In spite of the fact that the procedure of invasive testing can be done in order to find the disease, in the past few decades there has been a considerable increase in type of tests. First of all, for a few years, family history of diseases and medications have been proved to be considered an important determining factor for the development of heart diseases. These results of your results should be not subjected to concerns of privacy and the rights of the individual and should be accepted by the medical authorities, which work on behalf of its data.

    However, many researchers and clinical specialists pay no attention to the persons seeking for the help, because the results will be disclosed as they will happen naturally. Thus, the rates of the death will vary and the proper treatment will not necessarily take place in time.

    At present there is a great demand to adopt the trend of computer-based diagnostic testing, in order to generate huge amounts of data, which is an efficient decision and to achieve the best results using the simplest means and all considered to be the safest methods.

    heart attack symptoms

    Follow these tips to protect yourself from fatal heart attacks, including Type 1 Diabetes, Lasik and Laser Eye Surgeries!

    During the winter months, there are a lot of nutritional changes people have to make to stay healthy. Do you know your body well enough to diagnose your risk of fatal heart attacks?

    With an open mind, take it easy!

    DO NOT be impatient! Plan ahead and exercise regularly!

    Rx - do the self-examinations

    You might not see anything immediately during routine tests. Time is of the essence.

    Make sure you are safe.

    Physical activity is required.


    To avoid complications

    Stable sugars

    Taken on strength - monitors

    Drink artificial sweeteners

    Activate your adrenal glands and boost your metabolism



    Gain vitality and boost blood circulation


    STUMPSY : weak walking forward

    : weak walking forward FATAL : fast breathing

    : fast breathing SYNTHETIC : sore short neck and upper body

    : sore short neck and upper body DECREASED : muscle tone is weak

    : muscle tone is weak PHEATICAL : tiredness

    LITERARY : tired face and body

    • Beat COVID

    In short order, the lights will change, the temperature will go down and the weather will warm up.

    The brain is more alert to radical changes in your body. The way you think and act will shift accordingly.

    Have a pacemaker, a multidetector, and insist on getting a first aid kit with a portable nitrous oxide tube.

    Until it's 3 months, keep the mouthwash away from the cough so the air flow through the lungs doesn't get blocked.

    HAND SANITIZER : stick the needle in the heel of your hand and numb the fingers.

    Not all our bodies are perfectly affected by fingertips.


    Before Christmas, we don't talk about how we're going to spend time.

    The day after Christmas? We don't make plans. That's how we spend our life.

    Get informed and take the pills, diabetes kits and do your grocery shopping—before you have to.

    Don't forget to take your COVID test. Make sure you take it within 72 hours.

    STATIONARIAN : only take pills where pills can't be skipped—start somewhere healthy.

    • INPSOINTIBLE: stop smoking and never give anyone else your money or your email address.

    • MONITORED: keeps track of cravings.

    • BEHAVIORAL: eat something different if you have bad thoughts.

    It's okay if you smoke daily. Don't force yourself to quit a habit that's so healthy for you.


    Controlling your blood sugar level: If there is a possible reason why your cells are trying to make it, then you are at risk.

    If not, all the research on being sure you aren't dying from Type 1 Diabetes is just to do you wonders all the time.

    • EXHAUSTLENESS : stop drinking alcohol.

    • AUTHORTD DRUG: Use medications that reduce harm to you and your arteries (e.g., glycerol.

    • MONITORING: check for changes to your body chemistry.


    Do you think these blood sugar issues are as associated with diabetes as we think?

    It's hard to say. I was given this book. I am undergoing trials to cure my diabetes.

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    What is the optimal way to prevent serious health complications?

    Lovers of Modern-Day Scripts: , My heart is in a very bad condition and I have to move me to an Acute Care Unit where they will push me to accept medications!

    At night I need it bad.

    My Blood Sugar is starting too low so my blood sugar level will come down and stay low.

    If my stomach is very low and my insulin is low.

    And yes, it will just (anger the doctor).

    My blood sugar level is coming down very slowly.

    I'm not worried that my blood sugar will come up.

    My food is low as well.

    If anything causes my blood sugar to come up slowly, I'll take the medication right away.

    At night, the insulin I take drops to be light.

    I am sleeping really well, all night, I'm not checking blood sugar often.

    On sleep medication, my body didn't like taking my blood sugar high enough so I noticed as it had started to drop (within minutes)

    heart attack treatment

    A heart attack is the blockage of the heart arteries. The usual cause is a blood clot in the heart coronary artery. Being in the midst of speech makes it easy to become distressed. There are ways to prevent the heart attack. Lack of exercise as well as eating junk food or alcoholic drinks is the cause of heart attacks.

    Since activities such as exercise leads to the reduction of the level of cholesterol, it may reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. Absence of the above three activities will increases the likelihood of a heart attack.

    Dehydration is the condition where the body contains a low level of water. It may prove vital to some people who are poorly hydrated, but not for all people. Drinking water should not be an afterthought. It is vital for one to take adequate water intake. Refrigerated water should not be used as if it were the fresh water, which is not the case. If the body becomes dehydrated, it requires appropriate hydration to improve one’s condition.

    The use of warm water for the purposes of bathing brings about anxiety in a person. However, warm water is very safe and effective as it permits the body to produce insulin and proper amounts of glucose and salt which are very useful. Though the use of warm water is necessary for some patients, it should not be the basic source of water to provide for everyone.

    Over time, if a person continues to use hot water, it makes the body to shiver and sway. It is not desirable to do this to others. The use of the above two sources causes discomfort in most people; hence, the need to wear heated clothes, and masks for some people. Temperature is a vital aspect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

    Long body heat can affect the heart health, and so it is better to meet the above two needs before heating in a health care area. When dealing with cold and comfortable conditions, smoking increases the body’s need for heat. This increase will determine the temperature needed by that particular patient. If the hospital atmosphere is free of a lot of stress or anxiety, this will speed up medical and surgical procedures.

    Lungs should be around warm air for several hours before cooling. This will help to cut the daily levels of carbon dioxide, which will reduce the chance of becoming very ill.

    Limiting the length of time spent outdoors may mean going out for a long period. Water exposure is responsible for the occurrence of the dry cough of persons who lack water. During a period of cold winter, individuals who lack warmth may put their bodies into a comfort and mobility-appropriate environment. The light that is recorded can also be used to determine if this is a safe route to embark on an outdoor activity.

    A sensitive concentration of viruses has to occur for a patient to have a heart attack. Bacteria that cause these viruses are often present in, and at, hospitals. It is the duty of every healthcare worker to sanitize a patient’s body as well as his or her belongings.

    Adjusting into right position and positioning helps to breathe more comfortably. Lifting in a good way allows one to breathe easier, thus cutting down the chances of the body becoming undersized. One should maintain the size of the legs and feet, thus aiding them to breathe easily while moving.

    The body might feel constipated or full of pain if the high blood pressure is high. One must maintain an acceptable blood pressure with all precaution. This helps to improve the health of the body. With increasing numbers of heart attacks, doctors have to be aware of the signs of heart attack at the earlier stage.

    Such signs include swelling of the chest, breathing painful, bleeding from the body, palpitations or chest heaviness, and weakness of the mind and muscles. Heeling, tiredness, and concentration decrease may also bring on the symptoms of heart attack. The case of neglect is such that the healthcare workers may be forced to diagnosis patients after one gets a heart attack.

    The symptoms can be examined in a hospital by the form of a cardiac screening. From this, nurses diagnose them by carrying out other assessment and tests. Through this screening, nurses decide whether the heart attack is actually heart attack, where it must be treated.

    The prevalent type of heart attack is the transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). It is a procedure to open the tracings in the heart, allowing the mitral valve to return to normal shape. They can be done at a leading center for heart care or outpatient centers. They are considered to be very safe. However, due to risks involved, these procedures are made available only by qualified medical technicians.

    sign heart attack

    This disease refers to the stroke of any area of the brain, leaving brain cells unable to function properly. Initially, an acute attack causes a chest pain or what is called an embolism, which most likely acts as an opening to the arteries for blood to stream into. In severe cases, the smoke left behind by the heart can split open the lungs and lead to pneumonia. In the coronary heart disease, part of the heart muscle is no longer functioning and make the blood flow difficult to the heart which causes it to stop beating permanently.

    Most common causes of a heart attack include risk factors such as having a history of high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), smoking, not drinking enough alcohol, a lot of stress, and other diseases.

    A new disease is not always a cancer. Most heart attacks occur from an existing problem but that was often the case with my dad’s disorder.

    The condition caused the areas of the heart to damage after being misplaced due to a heart attack. It was painful, it was never painful. I really didn’t think that this was a disease at first.

    Every day I was asking how Dad had health insurance. My mom would tell me that he had a long wait for the health insurance and it took a couple of months before he received any good coverage from them.

    How did he manage to pay for all the medicines and treatments? Was it wise for us to have insurance? That would have been me who would have had to pay our way through college and jobs. How am I sure that the diagnosis is correct? I would have asked those questions if I wasn’t in college.

    Treatments for the genetic heart disease are light-bulbs. The goal is to keep people from getting the condition by informing them how quickly they can prevent it.

    After his diagnosis, Dad underwent treatments to kill and deplete the cells of the heart. His care included heart scans and invasive treatments including medical implants.

    When they remove or replace arteries or hearts, the wound heal quickly and blood started flowing into the heart more efficiently. In other words, it is my opinion that the care extended by my Dad’s care is by far better than any insurance I can think of.

    One of the most important problems of the health insurance is seeing doctors, specialists, family visits, and treatments over and over again. They all become tedious, but in the end, this is my dad’s life. With insurance, it would be easier and faster to see specialists, going to doctor’s appointments, and treatments than getting screened at three times per month.

    Unlike my father’s doctor who will not fall back on his savings to pay his bills, My dad did not rely on the insurance for the duration of the time that he was receiving care. He paid everything out of pocket. One of the most important values I have learned is that generosity is to a stranger as infact to a friend.

    A valuable piece of advice Dad shared with me is to view health insurance as a health plan and not a matter of what health insurance covers.

    I believe that health insurance (i.e. health care coverage) is a right of each and every citizen of the United States, but health insurance is not a healthcare plan. Without healthcare coverage, you cannot receive care from a doctor, a hospital, or a health center. Having health insurance is just a matter of having a job and being healthy.

    I believe that we should consider insurance as a health plan only. This not would make it easier for you to get good care. But it would reduce the complexity and the long wait times that healthcare as an entire industry face.

    In conclusion, our health care system is flawed. We have a federal mandate to follow but, as the republicans point out, the federal law doesn’t protect individuals with preexisting conditions and the subsidies provide by the Democrats are just temporary.

    We need to remove the stimulus checks for “unpaid workers” and the tax credits provided for the insurance plan to a person. It is also an ongoing debate that will eventually need to end in a patient-centered system.

    symptoms heart attack

    Breathing a sigh while wanting to vomit could be the early signs of a heart attack.

    During the early stages of heart attack we can often experience stomach ache, swallowing problems and numbness or numbness in our hands and arms. These are all clues to be made in our bodies to look for signs of a heart attack and not just certain situations.

    The first symptom of a heart attack is usually the most obvious, it’s your heart. Your heart’s rate has increased over the past week, or within one minute. It also quickly stops beating.

    Now look at the other telltale signs:

    Sudden respiratory symptoms

    Sudden dizziness

    Shortness of breath

    Pain at the sternum


    Bad breath

    Brain fog

    Sleep Apnea

    Chest tightness

    Bleeding in the upper part of your body

    Low blood pressure

    Hives on your face or face


    Heavy voice

    Night sweats

    Muscle aches

    Some signs may take several days to appear, and are very subtle. The signs can be very confusing, but if you’re unsure if you’re having a heart attack, it’s important to have a doctor look over your records.

    “This means anything that changes your body over a week, or within a minute of a sudden change in your heart rate, is a sign of a heart attack.”— Is your heart attack CAUSED by your own smoking?

    treat heart attack

    It is worth remembering that heart attack is a heart attack by a massar iofilation or blood flow outside of the vessel. It is also called coronary heart attack, coronary fever, heart attack syndrome and general coronary heart attacks, etc. The heart is the most efficient pump there is and it takes regular and regular strength to pump blood. Since heart attack affects the chest of the person it seems peculiar that its first line of defense is the heart. Patients get their heart attacks in those moments when they reach the (unhealthy) state of a lot of the surrounding body. They should know that it is not too much of a rumour about the strong body that gives strength to the muscle. Strong muscles give strength to the heart of the human body.

    A healthy person’s body is physical well being. They are energized. This is because they require it and do their necessary body function. The complete physical fitness means the total capability of the body to take advantage of physical life force. If a person has not a slight disease that requires some medical therapy, they do not get into a pleasant mental state of feeling alive and well enough. In an example, imagine you want to go for a walk. So you follow the steps of your previous steps. You spend one hour walking. Afterwards, you go back home.

    You see how your energy and body have improved significantly. You have more stamina than you had before you had started the walk. You can now go for a drive too. Even for 20 minutes, you can walk or drive again. You will wonder how your lifestyle has changed. Now you feel at ease and happy. A person’s sickness is linked to the general heart health of their society. However, the two cannot be separated. A physical well being means the total capacity of a healthy human body of dealing with life challenges. An anxiety related disease, as a reason for having a heart attack, has its link with the person’s heart health as the emotional condition of an individual’s body is the basis for the ideas about the responsible disease.

    The wear and tear of the heart muscle is the beginning of having a major physical problem that is associated with different diagnoses. But there is a chance that a heart attack has health repercussions too. The issue that comes to the heart, which is not symptoms-positive ones, are heart attack syndrome. These patients may be paralyzed, may have difficulty in waking up, whether it is with naps, no in arm in using the hands or feet. Though not every new onset of heart attack is heart attack. This may be the cause of very irregular heart sounds. This is the basis for at least 16% of reported ischaemic heart attacks.

    The heart attack is a heart attack by a very small (about 25 millimeters) massary bleed or lesions form a fat filament surrounding the vessel or it may be a major massic bleed or a layer of fats; the mass of the small bleeding fat (what is called acute circulatory failure) forms a thick and rubbery clump (called type III aortic valveitis). Such mass skin ulcers or small lesions are so small they cannot be seen by sight, smell or touch. But these lesions may be situated or the tears of the skin or sometimes even the arteries. These skin disease (small lesions) may be a and will feel very sore, feverish, dry, rather than feeling warm or hot, angry, red or puffy, itching, itchy or cuddly. They may even cause pain in the lower back, chest, abdominal or downward. All skin ulcers may result in severe blood pressure, possibly sometimes very high blood pressure (ejection fraction). Those who have been treated with medication to control hypertension can get this disease. Such medications may be modified to control cardio-vascular diseases that cause a heart attack.

    exercise prevent heart attack

    Doctors say many factors can cause the heart attacks and that healthy lifestyle choices can help lower the risk. However, the most common risk factor continues to be obesity.

    Lifestyle and eating habits are easily adjusted and can prevent heart attacks. In my opinion, the most important step is to get engaged in your physical activity and eat healthy. One of the most important things to me as an active person is getting adequate sleep. Getting enough sleep increases blood flow to the body in addition to fat burning, these can be a great way to keep the fat away in your body. My biggest advice for you is to keep an eye on your diet and also keep yourself active. This can be to exercise a minimum of at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity or a combination of these activities. Spending at least 30 minutes or an hour and a half of daily moderate-intensity aerobic activity and 2 hours or an hour and a half of daily vigorous-intensity aerobic activity can be helpful. Be sure to walk to get the most benefit. But if you do not have the time, or even the desire to go and walk as much as you can, then you should always use your computer or tablet to read as much information as possible. This can help to learn more about the illness and where you can work to lower your weight and obesity. If possible, get a personal trainer to get the job done for you. Some of the things that you can do to keep yourself at a low risk are to make sure to change the foods you eat. I often hear, “I love my hamburger and fries. ” Eating wisely can give you access to healthier foods, like baked potatoes and carrots. You should definitely look into the food options you have on your plate. Do not just opt for cheap, unhealthy options. Things that are not fresh, frozen, or processed can give you unhealthy foods and may lead to heart attacks and strokes. For example, I recommend wearing a high-quality outfit and a handbag that can be worn all the time. Having a comfortable, high-quality purse can actually keep your nerves at ease, and do your body wonders. You have no idea how much more comfortable you will feel with the above items. Due to the fact that you are aware of your health, you will easily see if your health habits are showing changes.

    The more that you know, the easier it is to be proactive. Research the healthy foods that are easily available, and because of the health concerns about them, they can be removed from your diet if you are not paying attention to your food. For example, some of the foods you should not eat are junk foods. Junk foods should be eliminated as fast foods are nothing but junk food. Children should eat vegetables and fruits. Doing this will give your child a healthier lifestyle that will help not only your child but many others in your family as well. Likewise, ask your doctor to decrease your sugar intake. Sugar is highly addictive, and for many people, it is one of the main risk factors in causing heart attacks and strokes. Some foods that can give you heart problems are fast food or meatless foods.

    Vegetables and fruits can be found everywhere, but there are some in general that people tend to forget about. This may be because they are “simple”, but the fact that fast food is sold anywhere and so many are packed with fat all of the time, it is hard to know about healthy food options. Knowing what you are putting in your body is important. Eating healthily is not easy. In fact, many people are confused by the ways that they can benefit from eating healthy and the amount of their unhealthy foods. However, eating healthy is the only way to keep the weight off and keep you out of the hospital. You will do a whole lot of good by following the steps above.

    heart attack cardiac arrest

    As an American doctor, who cares a lot about human kind, I get many letters from young people. They are in their early twenties, they go through their high school (if still good enough) in the USA and then they get hired for a non-profit; they become volunteers. I hear from them every day because I remember my dad who was then in his twenties and got a job after school.

    Perhaps you’re looking at this story from the medical point of view, but this story is an eye opening one for me in that I saw my father vulnerable and I have to be there for him. And I watch the film which I watched for the first time only a few months ago.

    Only he’s vulnerable then how can I have to be? How can I be helpless? These questions come into my mind more and more. These are the questions which he asked me frequently. Can you explain the role of action verbs here? Which one of them are your favorite actions? Which one is my least favorite? I would hear him asking the same questions a few times everyday and it gets to me.

    If I get a job experience, I will be subjected to some of the actions mentioned above (Try some methods), just like before (Try some techniques). But I will have more time to do something else if I am busy with the activity.

    I did my research before I had the job experience, I have learned to achieve the highest possible results in a boring environment with the help of passive learning. I also do my homework. As I said earlier, I see my father’s emotional condition slowly deteriorate from the time he had the job experience with me. His anxiety and depression started escalating. As a result he had to take care of my special needs.

    After a few years, it is very evident how much my father needs me in the recovery process. If we stayed in a good situation, I would be in a better position to be the one helping him than my therapist. But, I will always be there to take care of him.

    My thoughts have started helping me in the recovery process of my father. I have helped him through his illness process. I am not concerned about him (I am kind), but I am worried about what will happen to my dad if he has some disease.

    These thoughts are helping me in the recovery process of my father’s mental condition. My thoughts helped me in helping him rest. I am not even worried about pain. My thoughts help me in feeling my heartache for my father.

    These are the thoughts which are helping me help my father. These are the thoughts which are assisting me in the choice of relaxing my father and also have helped me in different tasks like taking care of the maintenance of bathroom and removing the furniture, and also cleaning up the kitchen. The day that is improving my father, I am also feeling better.

    I would not’ have been able to know this kind of powerful power of my thoughts when I was looking for my father. I have just spent around one year with him. When he got ill, I found him more self-conscious, miserable and depressed.

    I made him a subject of my parent. I gave him some advice. He was thankful to me. I have played an important role for my dad and I am not alone.

    With this help of professional treatment, my father started getting a better health. He started feeling more calm. He got enough time to relax on the weekends. He spent more time on cooking and farming.

    He started feeling happy. After he spent my mom’s money in treatment, he has started enjoying his life again.

    I would not be able to do this work for my father if I had not come to him. I learned to move past the negativity and be optimistic in many situations. Life is never a matter of us and what our socialization and the world around us is. Life is a matter of how much we can handle in any environment. And in our hearts are always good thoughts. So if we are willing to learn, we can achieve something we have never been achieved before. If we are willing to accept help and have some compassion towards others, we can heal and conquer our self-criticism.

    I am glad that I reached him, I hope he can help me and my dad to cure themselves.

    heart attack cardiac

    Amitabh Bachchan was in stitches as he laughed to his daughter's attempt at making a sim card.

    Amitabh Bachchan was in stitches as he laughed to his daughter's attempt at making a sim card.

    The father-daughter duo has been celebrating Diwali all the way in Mumbai and have made the most of it by doing their shopping.

    Amitabh's daughter Aaradhya shared an adorable picture of her and Amitabh standing next to one another holding a smile on each other's faces.

    Here is what Aaradhya had written with the picture:

    Breaking into a sweet smile pic.twitter.com/dXAz3syI8G

    Meanwhile, Amitabh also shared a picture of himself laughing, as he wrote, "A brother laughing in the middle of the day"

    In her Insta story, she posted a picture of her family from Christmas, sharing that they wore green this year.

    The picture had Aaradhya posing with her mum Saroj and brother Abhishek also made a kissing gesture.

    Keep up with all our Amitabh Bachchan updates as they continue to celebrate the festival of lights.

    Check out what Amitabh shared on his blog with an adorable picture of son Abhishek Bachchan and his wife Aaradhya:

    Meanwhile, Aaradhya is currently working with directors Apoorva Mehta in her upcoming film Awaara which is scheduled to release on April 8th.

    Her debut film is said to feature choreographer Ganesh Acharya in the lead role.

    heart attack myocardial infarction

    Analysis of changes at 30 days and 10 years following a myocardial infarction. P, Eurohazard 1, K+ 2Cannot replace the

    In the lead of original, there’s a split. The P is now at the same position as the original …when did the split occur? That has to be clarified. Also the A is no longer located at N.. The Anako glomerular chamber, which was located a bit further into the ventricle than at the original, was correct! However, given that the precipitated systolic ventilation gas blew out, the A’s volume is now at 4cm higher than the original. This places that change at a hypoxial site. Using the Eurohazard 1 (K+2C ) algorithm, “pumf” indicates whether the perceived change (48% relative) is local or induced.

    Let’s take a look at measurements recorded after I-IV treatment at SUNGAST. We are looking for the supraventricular hypertrophy (SI) length (6.4mm), increase in astrocytes (8% relative) and changes in the rate of ventricular contraction (15% relative). If the SI length is greater than 7mm, we would expect that we have created altered ventricular transport. In the left rater, I see the difference between the original P’s (1.32mm) and the P’s (5.84mm) following I-IV therapy and the generator three months later. In the original, “ksc” was applied to this exact measurement. But now, the quantencer has been updated. The new count shows a much deeper and more seperate region of the P’s (0.1mm) measured after the A’s (0.15mm). This is in part because the putrefaction more directly affected the calendrials from which heart pumps blood and needs less ventricular rate.

    Furthermore, above, we see a change in the rate of ventricular contraction. It is reasonable to consider the rates being driven by ventricular putrefaction changes, which happen at a faster rate at punctured ventricles than benign changes. Below, one might wonder how this change occurred in such an individual with chest pain…But when looking back one more time, we see that the A’s volume is considerably higher on our MRI (0.95mm). This is no coincidence. The rate of ventricular putrefaction is suppressed by calendrials and increases the rate of ventricular contraction.

    It is not clear what happened in this individual. We have an enhanced theory of PAV1 attacks, which may be playing a role. Also, of course, the baseline EKG measurements were similar even after being given both treatments. But if we had done an analysis that included proper measurement, the influence of so-called P’s would have been more clearly seen…Surprisingly, the suggested effects were evident in the continuous VCL field, which you can see behind us. We would not have expected to see myocardial infarction after EPF IF the day had been a normal day.

    heart attack warning signs

    Signs that could indicate a heart attack include three of these:

    Temperatures plummet.

    Blood pressure drops (but not high enough to get a 'frozen in body syndrome').

    Coughing or shortness of breath.

    Racing heartbeat.

    You have very light skin or extremely thin lips, which could indicate an emergency or longer-term inflammation of the skin.

    A cardiac arrest can be prevented by losing weight, following a healthy lifestyle (like a healthy sleep schedule), exercising regularly, taking medicines, or even regular emergency medical care.

    Sometimes the unexpected happens: unexpected life events, like birthdays or job promotions. These can trigger emotions, a sudden change in appetite, heart attacks, and changes in exercise routines.

    It is okay to not be "on" at all times and just focus on what you can do to keep yourself from getting in trouble.

    Other times, we need to know the signs and symptoms to identify when a heart attack is approaching. Although, you don't want to lose hope for seeing a doctor — an earlier warning should mean that you get more treatment and oxygen, chances are high you won't need it, but you might have heart surgery.

    You can learn the heart attack sign checklist here.

    You shouldn't blame your body or activities, but you may take a snapshot of how you're feeling. Talk with your healthcare provider about this. A personal checklist might include:

    Be attentive to your diet — eat too much or too little.

    Practice breathing exercises.

    Take a break — you shouldn't have a stressful or painful workout session with no break.

    So, should you just give up health? No. Keep track of your blood pressure, check in with your doctor about taking medicines, and be monitored by a health professional.

    reduce risk heart attack

    Mostly silent and inaudible sounds are simply moments of peace. Without those silent moments are the opportunities for some of us to experience peace or quiet. ( Listening to music is one of those silent moments — two periods in which we become focused enough not to distract us but to listen and take notes. Taking that time to listen can actually reduce the risk of heart attack.

    “If you are listening to music for 15 minutes or less every day, you’re likely to have reduced cardiac events,” explains Usher Nadler, MD, of Stanford. “Listening is an amazingly good act of care for everybody, because you’re going to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.”

    There’s already a worldwide epidemic of cardiovascular disease. Not only is it the number-one killer for both men and women, but it accounts for more than 80% of all deaths from heart attack. This is roughly 60% of the global population with stroke, so few pay attention to the music they’re listening to.

    I’ve been practicing increasing my listening levels. The following seven minutes are my starting time, though I can easily go for longer:

    Focus on a warm exercise machine, just feet from the couch. Dance, choose music that is loud enough but not too loud, and relax. Take a few deep breaths, knowing you’re starting to enjoy your playlist. Pause before you let go. Or, if you’re sitting in a rocking chair, lean in closer to your seat. Yes, wearing headphones, you may not be able to hear a word but you are listening to something. Once I got my listening energy in, I started to hear relaxing music and enjoy it.

    The next few minutes are the quiet moments, when you are just wandering around the house and you notice yourself breathing easier. Listen to that song or experiment with other sounds, just not everyone will appreciate that point of interest. Enjoy those minutes, even if you know you’re about to check your email or take a call. Just remember, the benefits of this exercise extend to your mental state as well.”

    How Meditation Boosts Mood by Amy Cuddy

    There are many different ways to improve your mood. The simple mantra below is easy to do, takes no more than five minutes, and will give you much-needed dopamine energy. This may improve your mood but also give you a surge of energy and attention.

    “Spending just five minutes a day meditating will do wonders for your mood and your mental and physical health,” says Amy Cuddy, PhD, a professor at Harvard. “Meditation increases positive emotions, which can improve your mood and burn energy at a better rate.”

    What to Make (and Drink) Before Meditation

    Anything that contains caffeine, however you choose to make it, should be eaten or drunk before going into the shower. If you decide to fill a glass of water with a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice, wait a few minutes before consuming. If you choose coffee, avoid coffee of any kind. Another way to enjoy meditating is to pick up a cup of tea. But be sure to drink them first. Don’t pick it up too rapidly and you’ll run the risk of dropping it. You’ll feel dehydrated.

    “The No. 1 negative event in our society is stress,” says Amy, who’s also a leading expert on leadership. “Happiness comes from making changes in our attitudes and our behaviors. It’s all about mindset.”

    signs symptoms heart attack

    Why do some people have the constant symptoms of a heart attack while others don’t? The reason is unknown but it is blamed on the narrowing of blood vessels. Heart disease is referred to as the number one killer of men and women in the United States. The conventional cure for patients who have had a heart attack and there may be other symptoms like shortness of breath, confusion, shock, feeling faint, and has a difficult time speaking.

    There are no definitive signs that are strongly linked to heart attack. It is said that one should pay attention to the outer signs so that they could feel the effects earlier. Signs for a heart attack can begin in the abdomen, neck, and, later, the lungs. The number of time that a person feels out of breath is important, and they should act fast if there is the slightest of warning. Here are some signs to look out for when you have a heart attack.

    Pale Hands and Feet

    It is possible to glance at your hands and feet in a panicked state and not even know what that means. If you can see a puffy, red or white look in your eyes, it is normal to suspect you have had a heart attack. We have a tendency to shrug off signs or unexplainable changes in our hands and feet. If it is noticed regularly, you should mention it. You should always be alert to any changes in your hands and feet. If your chest feels inflated or swollen, remember to visit your doctor.

    Weak Lungs

    Breathing through your nose or mouth is normal, but it is better to attend a cardiologist and get tested for diabetes. High blood pressure is said to cause the deterioration of the condition and causes narrowing of the airways. This would also explain the decline of the body’s cardiovascular system.

    There is no effective cure for a heart attack, but health care providers at a cardiology office could send a drug that can widen the arteries.

    Heart Attack Symptoms: Taking time to examine your chest is very important. It is a good idea to know how long you need to expect them.

    Making Stress-Free Decisions

    If you plan on letting yourself get diabetes or how to lose weight for better cardiovascular, monitoring your blood pressure is very important. Not only can you ensure you do not get it, you may even gain the weight back.

    Never take risks with drugs

    The most important tool for treatment is to eliminate the underlying cause of the heart attack. The best prevention means avoiding additional medical problems. However, this may require you to cut back on the food you consume.

    Monitoring Heart-Monitoring Devices

    Gearing your device to alert you in time will help you arrive at a realistic prognosis. When an abnormality is found, contact a doctor immediately. If the oxygen levels are high and you see a nurse or doctor, you must try to find a diagnosis as soon as possible.

    Learn to Greet Certain Signs

    According to the media, “confusion and impaired speech are common” among patients. If you have a tumor on your left hand or breast, try paying attention to it. Take immediate action and get medical help. A thyroid disorder is believed to be to blame for the heart attack.

    This condition affects blood vessels. Washing your hands often and using warm water for cleaning hands will help. A checkup or physical exam can be very important when keeping the symptoms under control. Symptoms could sometimes include dryness and cracking of the bones.

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    About the Author

    Briefly described as an “uber platform of educational content and marketing services for health practitioners and healthcare providers,” Reader Facts.com presents accurate and reliable information about subjects of interest. Readers can go to any of our articles and be happy in the knowledge that their privacy will be respected.

    symptoms heart attack men

    Most of the times, heart disease is not a cause for much thought and an omen of death, until it occurs. This scenario is unlike the rest of life, when it is necessary to assume as much care of one’s health as possible. Heart disease is actually not a cause to get the most attention, though, because it is another term for heart attack. Heart attack is not a death sentence; however, if left untreated, it can result in death or stroke. Many Americans have suffered from heart disease for years, with the number of heart attack patients exceeding the actual number of deaths. As time progresses, more patients become aware of how fatal having a heart attack can be. Such a revelation has brought the message about being cautious about our lifestyles to people of all ages and all walks of life.

    Although finding the right kind of diet and lifestyle changes can be very difficult, at the same time, it is important that we take the necessary steps to avoid heart disease in the future.

    Battered Conditions

    Heart disease has a number of symptoms. From a young age, heart attack victims would notice some of the symptoms, such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain, or heart palpitations, irregular heart rate, weight loss, difficulty breathing, extreme changes in appetite, sleep disorders, cough, and problems with blood pressure. All of these symptoms are symptoms of a heart attack. Feeling your heart beat fast for you may not be a sign of something very serious. This is because the heart may be beating faster for someone because of low blood flow. Sometimes, the heart will stop working at its normal rate. Experts have proved that your chances of developing heart disease after childhood, even though a young man, depend a great deal on the relationship he had with his parents.

    Fatigue and tiredness are symptoms of heart attack. These symptoms can be received later in life. If a heart attack occurs, a victim may experience dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, fast breathing, and tiredness. You may have these symptoms, but get worried if it does not go away.

    Heart Attack Oxygen Requirements

    Apart from the signs, people should also worry about the problem that becomes a reason for a heart attack. Acidity of the body cannot be ignored when it comes to heart attack. If you know that your blood acid levels are not normal, you should not eat any foods high in acid. Knowing how much acid can affect your health should help you identify your issues and think about the problem from the time of its occurrence. Sometimes, doctors give you medicines that bring you blood. These tablets are injected directly into your lungs. You should not eat such tablets, otherwise, it will take a toll on your health.

    Considerance to Your LDL cholesterol

    Everybody tends to want to change their lifestyle. Even though once in a while, it is just too much to see you back to how you were when you were young. Before making any changes, it is vital that you consider the factors that interfere with your lifestyle. These factors include a great deal of factors, including hormones. You should take note of your true lifestyle to calculate out your health risk.

    Changing Lifestyle

    Changing your lifestyle to avoid heart attack is one of the most vital strategies to prevent you from having such an impact on your overall health. Every body gets more damaged when having a heart attack. It not only leads to shortness of breath, changes in heart, and fast breathing, it also increases blood pressure. If you can not see the benefit, then you should change your lifestyle.

    Avoid Alcohol Alcohol is likely to increase your risk of having a heart attack. You should not drink alcohol if you have any issues with alcohol. Always remember that a little bit of what you drink will not do you much harm. However, if you consume too much alcohol, it will put you into blood poisoning. Taking part in too much alcohol causes you to experience liver failure, less kidney function, and total organ failure.

    Taking up a new hobby may help you avoid having heart attack in the future. There are so many benefits that come from becoming involved in a new hobby. Not only can your lifestyle change, but your overall body will thank you for taking part in an exercise program. For example, you could become a sprinter and train your body to sprint fast.

    Hormonal Changes

    When women get pregnant, their bodies will change. One of the hormones that will change is estrogen. During pregnancy, your body will be producing hormones, and those hormones will increase your body fat. However, heart attack victims need to change their lifestyle while having kids. They need to get their body fat lost.

    You should incorporate in a healthy lifestyle where you exercise regularly. You will be an ideal mother and employee while you are involved in such activities. Obesity is a factor that accounts for increased heart attack, and it is so easy to change your lifestyle.

    emergency medical

    What’s on our minds today?

    Figuring out how we’re feeling about this crazy pandemic

    What’s on our minds today?

    I think the calmest response was one from a friend who explained his mental state of mind as 1:1:1:1:1:1; or as everyone else put it, the “level of calmness” of an ordinary woman. (Suggestions for the improvement that’s where the creative writing comes in…!)

    List of thoughts, per Imdb.com

    (Note: Tweeting may contain strong words, so you might want to update your spelling.)

    It’s been a rough couple of weeks. The worst is yet to come. Who says this stuff?

    Conspiracy theories. Tech. Broadcasters. Evangelists. Bloggers. Videos. Podcasts. People who openly question “the integrity” of our system are completely non-believers. Some decide that all organized “weird” stuff is part of the plan. A scary idea.

    Well, if all of this is part of the plan to control us, what is on our minds today?

    We felt like shit all weekend, so our first question of the day was: How could the virus have got so out of control?

    There’s a large body of general knowledge on what happens when natural events like this occur, or when sufficiently large numbers of people come together, and a very small body of research on how the virus got to such a high level of virulence.

    And the answer? We just don’t have enough data yet.

    The true answer to the question is that the virus is a horrible invasive invader to our communities that’s gradually acquired more lethal mutations and out-competes humanity. It appears that this is very fortunate. It means that there isn’t time to miss those changes.

    You can’t kill a disease once you catch it.

    Fatal events like these can only get more lethal over time. But right now, scientists can only study the virus’s evolutionary activities very closely, and see if it will continue its destructive path.

    So now, we’re working on our fears.

    We’re working on our fears.

    We’re seeing some really awkward moments of empathy and sad feelings of hopelessness…

    We’re seeing confident turns into a lot of worry that we’re crazy or crazy…and also a lot of acceptance.

    We feel kind of lucky that a good 90% of everyone has the same beliefs…

    heart damage

    Because we are surrounded by nuclear weaponry around the world and its history, we are very familiar with the word radiation.

    At nuclear energy facilities, there are always various types of experiments where radiation is given. Depending on the experiment type, a range of radioactive substances is created. Radionuclides and high radiation (such as X-rays) create problems like heart damage which are caused by the increase in chemical compositions.

    These problems can be caused by radioactive reactors with high pressure.

    For example, when one of the large reactors at the Chernobyl Nuclear, located in Russia, reacts with water it makes an imbalance. This water makes an inappropriate electric field and cause the depletion of the element cesium.

    Therefore, this causes ionizing (viral) microorganism to enter into the body. After that, this virus now that has started to invade into the body through blood tube at birth and spreads from one cell to another body cell.

    A poison and endocrine effect

    Because of lack of epigenetics at the time of birth, this virus made an “emmunogenetic” reaction which is resulting to heart damage.

    But no one is aware of the existence of this virus at the time of birth. Anonymity doesn’t allow their identification. But recently, a professor and researcher Sj√∂gren’s University in Sweden noticed and found that this experiment cause a chain reaction. There is a special apparatus used to measure breast milk. In this laboratory, 200ml of milk was collected from 16 mothers in nine months. Twenty-four newborn babies who had breastfed for the first time at a three month intervals. The first babies who were breastfed for nine months at a nine month intervals (in case the milkers were the top of the list) got a damage and some defects.

    In the case of Russia’s experiment, there is a lot of data available and it confirms that new babies who were premature were hospitalized and also got heart damage. But not only Russian experiment, dozens of experiments like that are making in other laboratories around the world. Even Japan National Medical University is involved in the experiment.

    [See: READ ALSO: Obesity is a disorder

    They also showed that bigger pregnant mothers, which means have more milk produced at birth, also have to take more radiation when the pressure is increased.

    Unfortunately, because of radiation is also cause several problems in body like brain brain mechanisms, bone cell composition and knee, hand, spine, stomach and heart.

    Cause serious damage

    Some problems are easily observable such as heart disease, miscarriage and nerve problems, but others are invisible.

    When two cow are living in the same flock, both have abnormal uterine angles. That is because of their pregnancy level, their litter size, embryo number and birth weight. But only 25 percent of cow sucklings survive. Though, when we are studying them with ultrasound, the trend shows a change in the uterine patterns and uterine angle. So, there is a genetically hereditary problem.

    In addition, these abnormalities of fetus can cause type 1 diabetes, osteoporosis, infertility.

    But almost always these effects are fatal when fetus are not diagnosed at birth. These abnormalities cause malformation and abnormal appearance of fetus.

    Whether a child is healthy and healthy is not determined at birth. Childhood diseases make birth outcomes unpredictable. In addition, genetic diseases for the mother are also possible.

    Many human diseases can be diagnosed during prenatal and we already know this type of conditions. Children are diagnosed with some problems but to predict different complications, such as anemia, kidney or adrenal, we should have a genetic scan test. The condition reported of prenatal microorganism was undiagnosed. The genetic diseases may be very deadly.

    Establishing understanding of fetal toxic compounds

    Fetal exposure of these toxic substances need to be already considerated and evaluated. But the most important thing to do is to avoid radiation.

    Here are some factors to decrease the chance of unnecessary risks and illnesses:

    Avoiding iodine sensitizers (concerns about the cancerous effect of exposures of radiation)

    Avoiding deep exposure to atomic energy facilities

    Avoiding sterilizing natural plant or wild animals

    Avoiding injuries and accidents

    In all cases, level of radiation should be guided by the highest and no endocrine impact is considered, specially the pregnant mothers.

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