Ex-gym instructor filmed female client showering after workout session

Ex-gym instructor filmed female client showering after workout session

 Ex-gym instructor filmed female client showering after workout session

Ex-gym instructor filmed female client showering after workout session have received hundreds clips of thousands of views on You Porn as part of the "People want to know why I use a sex doll instead of regular sex, see for yourself".

A member of the Bulimaka Tiemanija Community, central Kenya, posted a video which showed a male volleyball player, Danielina Sidomba, and a woman, Stacey Balci, showering together.

Both women refused to wear make-up and dressed in the same clothes, hence the video's name.

Sidomba posted the clip, which had over 48,000 views within 24 hours, and shared it on Facebook. She wrote: "Swimming Pool at the tourist centre this morning reeking bad! You will see if that is the reason I use a male doll!"

Armed with brooms, she follows the woman to each of the five pools before her.

Sidomba makes a mysterious snack before putting a body wash over the face and standing behind her. She then starts to stroke a part of her face and carefully sweeps parts of her body.

The video went viral, with over 800,000 views and thousands of comments on Facebook, leaving many people wondering whether it's the same woman named in another clip.

"Yes, yes, yes," she responds when asked if the woman she is showering with is the same woman she is recording.

The woman is seen relaxing, smiling and laughing with Sidomba to her left.

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Sidomba still films the woman after she gets out of the pool, as she calmly walks back towards the clubhouse, because this is where she and Stacey found themselves.

Sidomba says: "I don't want to see what's happening in the lap of my ex-wife." Stacey then states her name in English, tongue.

Sidomba is dressed in black, paired with short shorts, while Stacey is dressed in a white tank top.

This new video then gets an eerie soundtrack with never ending droning sounds emanating from the water's edge. It seems the woman is still too nervous to have a shower, though.

"How long do you want this naked naked?", the woman laughs and stops next to Sidomba.

"Take it slow, please!," the woman says again. The woman says "Please" before speaking in ihle (the language spoken in the poor Kilgoris hill) "Wahaha! Uhuaa?? (Woo hooo!)"

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This is the same woman who describes her love life being 'not special'

Sidomba has a pub named Golf Park, thus proving that she is known as the Glamorous General.

The second clip of the video features the same woman, but from a different angle. She is shown sitting down, with a packet of fingers which Sidomba places over her face.

As Sidomba does, she tries to avoid tapping her hand to the lips of the girl's jaw.

When we speak to Sidomba on Facebook, she explains that she is not the woman in question, saying: "They didn't even pick my arm - my nickname is Nadzen."

"I am the one filming you, not her," she added. "On the other hand, I do swim classes."

Although Sidomba's story is told as if it is just about to go viral, she says her relationship was never more than casual.

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"It wasn't special," she says when we ask how long she's been dating, adding that she's a Catholic.

"I don't know why they made it up," she also admits. "The only difference is that we never had sex."

Of the two women Sidomba is seen kissing and rubbing them with her long fingers on the first video, while the second is similar, but not quite the same.

Sidomba says: "We were both filming each other, we just wanted to find out how our bodies reacted to each other before I was a big dancer, like Hugh's two girlfriends."

The third video in the series is of Stacy dressed in a bra and underwear as she wriggles around while kicking her legs up and down.

Sidomba looks at her partner, asking whether she feels like she likes him, or if she's just feeling sexy because of their hand together.

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