Is parenting coming in the way of your workout? Soha Ali Khan has a cute fix

    Is parenting coming in the way of your workout? Soha Ali Khan has a cute fix

    Is parenting coming in the way of your workout, Soha Ali Khan has a cute fix. I have a daughter and have noticed that parenting takes up all my time so I can attend to her needs. I used to be able to take care of myself and still attend to my responsibilities as a mother, but now it is not possible. 

    Is parenting coming in the way of your workout? Soha Ali Khan has a cute fix

    If there was an exercise routine that would work for both me and my daughter at the same time, then I would love to use this timeslot. I am so busy that it would be difficult for me to find time for myself during the day. Would you have any suggestions for me?

    Soha: I feel the same way. It is very difficult to do anything when you are a mother. Even when I want to meet up with friends, she always wants my attention. It is hard to find time for myself.

    Many mothers have said that their children take up all their time, so they can't find the time for themselves. That is why I suggest that you go for a mother-only exercise schedule. Take it as an opportunity to do something for yourself and your body.

    No other activity gives you the same benefits as exercise. You get complete health benefits from regular workouts: weight loss, fat burning, improved energy levels and more energy to spend on your well-being after working out with your daughter. 

    Use the timeslot you have available during which she is not sleeping or crying and work out without breaking a sweat when she takes her nap in the afternoon or goes to bed at night. You will have more energy to take care of her needs in the afternoons and evenings.

    You can exercise for as little as 20 minutes to see the benefits of working out. Think about doing brisk walking, interval training, jogging or cycling on your own. If possible, go for a swim once in a while.

     These are easy exercises that mothers can do with their children with them. You can even join an all-women's gym nearby if you want to meet up with other mothers who are trying to attain similar fitness goals like yours.

     Not only will this workout make you fit, but also give you some time to bond with your child before putting her to sleep or attending to her during the day.

    I hope that you try this out and post your results. I would love to hear how you do!

    Soha Ali Khan Workout Routine

    Soha Ali Khan is a well-known celebrity from the Indian film industry and has been in the Indian screen since 1994. She has been working on her fitness for more than two decades and has been able to maintain a fit body.

    She often shares her workout routine and diet on social media platforms such as Instagram. Her workout routine includes both running, weightlifting, and low intensity cardio exercises that are beneficial for people of diverse age groups.

    Soha Ali Khan knows that staying fit is essential in life and has been trying to create awareness on this issue. She believes that one should stay fit for a healthy and a better lifestyle.

     Soha Ali Khan also said that if you don't work out, you can't expect to have a good body. She wants people to understand and follow the importance of a fitness regime, especially nowadays when most of the people are living sedentary lifestyles.

    Here, we have compiled some workouts from her Instagram account that she does regularly to stay fit:

    Soha Ali Khan Workout Routine (Running):

    She runs for about 30 minutes every day. It is not required that you have to run for the same time everyday and you can vary the time for running as per your convenience. The benefits of running are enormous. It helps in burning calories, tones muscles and helps in weight reduction.

    Soha Ali Khan Workout Routine (Weightlifting):

    Soha does a lot of weightlifting that consist of different exercises, such as front and back squats, barbell curls, barbell bench press, lunges etc. She follows a special routine and sets targets to achieve on certain days. Her target is to lift 70 kg on Monday and Friday while her target is to lift 80 kg on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This will help in burning calories every day.

    Soha Ali Khan Workout Routine (Pilates):

    Soha does Pilates for about 20 minutes every day. It helps in toning up the body and improving the flexibility of various muscles. She focuses on toning her leg muscles, arms and abs which are very important as they help in shaping up the body.

    Soha Ali Khan Workout Routine (HIIT):

    She trains in High Intensity Interval Training 5-6 days a week which includes cardio and weight training. She lifts more weights on the days when she has to focus on her upper body like chest, biceps etc. As she focuses more on her lower body on the days when she has to focus on lower body exercises like squats, lunges, leg press etc. She also performs lunges and squats at least twice a week to tone her legs up.

    Soha Ali Khan Workout Routine (Yoga):

    She focuses on Yoga every day and does several poses like tree pose, downward facing dog, warrior 1 pose etc. These yoga poses help in strengthening the muscles that in turn helps in burning calories and shaping up the body. She also does some stretching exercises to improve her flexibility.

    Soha Ali Khan Workout Routine (Bodyweight Exercises):

    Apart from the above mentioned exercises, she focuses more on bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups and crunches. She does different types of push-ups like regular push ups, wide grip push ups and diamond push ups. Same goes with sit-ups and crunches too. She focuses more on doing these exercises on days when she has less time in hand.

    Soha Ali Khan is a fitness freak and her diet plans are also very healthy and nutritious. She follows a very strict diet plan and this is what she eats on regular basis:

    Her daily diet consists of 2-3 servings of fruits, 2-3 servings of vegetables and some dairy products. She also drinks milk shakes made with almond milk or rice milk but not cow milk. She is a huge fan of almonds and uses almonds in all possible forms. As a protein source she has eggs, fish, chicken and beef but does not eat pork or lamb as it is the meat for the whole month. She also consumes nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts etc. She gets her protein from these nuts which are very healthy and nutritious.

    She also eats dairy products like cottage cheese, yoghurt etc. It is also recommended that she should take Vitamin D3 supplements. Take care of the nutrition level by focusing on a variety of vegetables and fruits in her diet. She can have boiled eggs, whole grain breads and other moderation items too.

    She should avoid eating fried foods, greasy fast food and high sugar content food like candy etc. In addition to this she also needs to avoid caffeine drinks as well as alcohol that could be included in her diet. The daily limit for caffeine intake is 300 milligrams per day or 12-15 cups of coffee while the recommended amount is 100 milligrams per day or 5-7 cups of coffee.

    10 Important Tips of Soha Ali Khan Workout Routine

    1. Grooming exercise :gyming is a good way to start the day. A good hair day starts with regular and proper grooming.

    2. The basic exercises :Physical exercise will help in improving your functioning and also equip you for a better physique.

    3. Cardio exercises works :A cardio workout done regularly can help you lose weight, stay stronger, and improve your moods, sleep habits and confidence levels while reducing the health risks associated with being overweight.

    4. Dance:Dance is a fun way to workout in which you don't even realize that you are actually working out until after you have finished! So go ahead and dance till the world ends! :)

    5. Dance programs :The best way to burn the calories is with dances. Dance routines will not only improve your stamina, but will also boost your confidence and self esteem. If you are taking dance classes at a studio, then you will be able to use the stage as a workout and get that much needed energy from performing in front of others.

    6. Yoga:Yoga is good for improving flexibility, physical strength, posture and for building confidence in one's body.

    7. Bodyweight exercises: Some exercises can be done with nothing more than your body weight(WBF). Lifting weights will work muscle tissue but it burns a lot of calories right away which might give further problem like injuries etc...

    8. Bodyweight exercises :Some bodyweight exercises can be done with nothing more than your body weight (WBF). You can make your own workout routine or workout DVDs from various tapes available on the internet.

    9. Yoga:Yoga is good for improving flexibility, physical strength, posture and for building confidence in one's body.

    10. Water aerobics :This is an excellent way to burn calories since you are working with water (either in water-filled pool or in the form of a stream that you are crossing) whereas doing other forms of exercise like jogging and cycling will require you to walk/run on the ground.

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