Divyanka Tripathi's Workout Session Wasn't All Smooth

Divyanka Tripathi's Workout Session Wasn't All Smooth

Divyanka Tripathi's Workout Session Wasn't All Smooth

 Divyanka Tripathi Workout Session is known to be quite active when it comes to fitness, especially when it comes to running.Why Divyanka Tripathi's Workout Session Wasn't All Smooth....

In this particular workout session, Divyanka and Vivek decided to run a 5K sprint together.

They had commenced the workout at 3:00 PM and managed to complete it without any hiccups. Divyanka and Vivek ran for about 24 minutes in an effort to push the limits of their physical strength. this dance workout is designed for anyone and everyone.

The cardio workout can be held for 5 minutes per section, and the exercise is repeated 5 times. This workout is recommended for those who have no background in sports. The workout will include jogging and crunches, as well as explosive work. For this particular workout, Divyanka and Vivek are not looking to do any high-risk runs; they are just taking the challenge of playing football.

Also, watch Divyanka training with the help of Vivek:

You can also watch the video of Divyanka and Vivek Mile Kurbi Gold Run Here:

This video has surely become a viral hit. The video has been viewed over 27 lakh times already. Take a look at some of the comments below:

The workout session concluded as a triumph for Divyanka and Vivek. While Vivek looks good in this workout, Divyanka looks radiant. In fact, Divyanka seemed to be in good mood on the sidelines too. She was seen smiling as she walked out of the track.

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya were often seen together, recently. She was seen training with them before the incident at Apteo HiCity in Bandra.

She also enjoys showing off her shapely body on social media. Divyanka has since turned fitness buff. Recently, she was seen taking the wheel of a bike during a fitness session at her house.

Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi were last seen in a movie titled Guess Who Killed Me? and while the movie didn't do well at the box office, it was notable for a twist at the end. In this film, Divyanka and Vivek have not taken a romantic path and are working on being married.

Divyanka's work is quite sporadic, as it consists of ad-libbing, radio shows, web shows, and other assorted projects. She has not made a big step out on screen for some time now. In the past, she has been seen in different films such as Hero No. 1, Gandhara Ka Paksha, Maaya, Raja Chonoba Milika Maaya, Mumbai City, Lakar Raja Shaakhar, Rehna Achcha Na Rahenge, Shalimar, Dooraan, Good Time Fight, and Yeh Ishq Naaaye Kya Qeem Vaayangam.

She has also starred in a lot of advertisements such as Popsicle, Hello, Anchor, Parse, Kebbi Imported, Yeh Megnihar, Trust Bharat, 24Kansa, Newage, Hitachi, and Youville. Divyanka's online show Madhush hain Wahegi Menon Kaika Paara Tum Hi4Me, that she hosts on MTV India, was recently wrapped up. Divyanka has also featured in an episode of Manu Agar saath Sabse, titled Ishtafaa Toh Bhoomi Hai.

Divyanka’s most recent project is titled Chaitanya Ji Dil Se, that premiered on Colors TV in January, and is directed by Manish Malhotra. The film stars Divyanka alongside Partho Dasgupta and Nitin Sharma.

Divyanka is also playing the role of Rosie in this Yash Raj Films project. The story is based on a love triangle involving two people, Varun Singh and Rosie, who fall in love and are married in real life.

Divyanka has not been seen in any film in the last few years, since Shankar Dutta’s Raja Uday were put on hold by the makers.

Divyanka Tripathi's workout session was not good at all.

She put in her toil and was on her toes to workout, but in the end, the results were not fruitful. Divyanka Tripathi also posted an update on her Instagram this time. The Tandav actress took to her Instagram to share with her fans.

Divyanka posted a photo from her workout session with a twist. In the picture, Divyanka can be seen using exercise gloves. She looks gorgeous in a black tracksuit. But the results of the workout weren't too promising. Divyanka Tripathi's selfie was too cute and cute. Divyanka, though, she wanted to exercise.

Her friend and Tandav co-star also wished her a Happy Diwali and a warmest birthday wish. No wonder we were eager to check out her workout for the month of November. We also looked forward to know the results of the workout that our darling Divyanka was doing. We went straight to Divyanka's Instagram and logged into her book of records.

You all, though, will be shocked with the results. And this is a much required exercise session. So Divyanka, please show us the same picture and images from her workout. We are not joking. Let us know what happened.

Sharing the same selfie, Divyanka also gave a few other updates about her health. She captioned the picture, "Yummy ..... Yes it is Diwali ..." In the pictures, we see Divyanka with a football and whole lot of spice. But she still looks hot.

Divyanka wore a grey-white coloured matching overall. In the pictures, Divyanka showed off her 'hopping' moves. You also see divyanka lifting the jersey that is signed by her Tandav co-star Divyanka had seen her workout on the show and someone else had tweeted to us her workout. Who sent her into training again? Her fitness exercise is definitely not bad at all.

She did another workout session that was more intense. The whole gym is in splits with their energy levels. Are you looking like that? What makes you look like that? Don't hesitate before you break out some cute exercise. Well, we recommend you head to Divyanka's Instagram to see your real results!

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Divyanka’s life is in a way a mirror ball bouncing back of the bed. She and her husband Omkar Rayner got engaged last year. This was Divyanka's first wedding. We got to see Divyanka sharing marital happiness with Omkar by sharing pictures.

Tandav is a classic Tandav. We now are eagerly waiting for her wedding. The highly-anticipated announcement by Divyanka on her wedding was made just a couple of days ago.

Divyanka is an actress, producer, beautician, nutritionist, businesswoman and more. She has been performing better than ever. So we are expecting her best and the best response in 2020.

Divyanka Tripathi's Unique Intense Workout session

For most of the time, Divyanka Tripathi’s profile is not on the web. The only time is when she is on a photoshoot for a magazine, and we get little bits of information about her and her life. But these days, the sweet, bubbly and exceptionally rich 54-year-old is on a campaign.

For an hour, she hits the gym and lets her self-discipline to which she credits drive her to become an extreme fitness enthusiast. Be that as it may, she has been more than willing to step in the gorgeous purple trainers for a workout session with Pupu Amitabh who is a musician,

social media personality and fitness enthusiast himself. She is decked up in orange fitness gear consisting of velcro sneakers and a fishnet chiffon jacket and a black street wear crop top.

To give us a first-hand experience on Divyanka’s Instagram workout session, we talked with Pupu Amitabh who shared some vital fitness lessons with Divyanka. Pupu shared his six-step regimen which covers one, two, three, four, five and six exercises. You can watch her workout session here which is like nothing you have done before.

EXERCISE 1: The first step is breathing properly, 2 is standing fully upright 3 is paring back centre back 4 is roughly shoulder-width away from your ears and sitting straight 5th is an all-over stretch which helps you to tone and stretch your butt 6th is the most difficult level of exercises.

EXERCISE 2: She can do all the different stretches for her whole body and is able to pivot with ease 6th: Alternate warm and cool steps 7: The movement was slightly slow and precise 810: The exercise is definitely mild, very basic and the same routine was followed the entire time.

EXERCISE 3: As you stand, point your feet back to the horizontal position 90 degrees from your core 9: The same routine is repeated 10: The repetitive movement of lunge with thigh kick 9:The same routine repeated 11: The movements were slow and steady 12: Repeat 1210: Cycle of individual compound exercises, leg band

EXERCISE 4: She can do all different types of stretches for her whole body and can pivot around 9: She can squat knee to waist and use her hand to reach back 10: She can almost get repetitively pushing herself forwards 11: The movements were slow and rhythm was so well, you were visualizing it 11: She did a few dances in which she was keeping out of shoulder. She performed bent knee jump in which she was pushing herself back 11: The workout wasn’t repetitive but it was as mind and body focused as physical training.

EXERCISE 5: She can do all different kinds of stretches for her entire body 12: She can rotate her elbows and point her feet back to the upright position 13: The same routine is repeated 14: The same routine was followed the entire time.

EXERCISE 6: She can hold her hands up towards her face and she can move her legs forward moving up to sit at the widest point of her body. 17: Same routine of movements were very well done.

EXERCISE 7: She can do a slow cycle of foot steps sideways slowly increasing in pace from each end. 19: The same routine repeated.

EXERCISE 8: She can do exactly what she wanted by manually changing of the movement.

EXERCISE 9: She is not sure about her bod due to the little notice period she gets in times of gym sessions. The one idea she knows about her body is where her body is not right and where she needs to stay on. She also says she uses exercise to improve her mood.

Divyanka’s biggest competition is Pupu Amitabh.

EXERCISE 10: In complete complete darkness with no any comforts her body was taut, lean and lean with no fat distribution on the top and centre back legs and bottom legs she further required to play the part of runner jumping up and down legs by bringing her legs together, she holds her hands slightly back up and straight and jumps back on her hands.

EXERCISE 11: Divyanka has all kinds of flexibility in her body and she can bend her knees and kick back of her knees and also holds her legs straight.

EXERCISE 12: She can bend her knees slightly backward bringing them together and heels back while moving up to sit at the widest point of her body.

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