diet for congestive heart failure and diabetes

Diet For Congestive Heart Failure And Diabetes   Diet for congestive heart failure and diabetes. An essential part of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil helps the body use insulin more efficiently, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stroke and heart…

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shortness of breath after heart attack and stent

Shortness Of Breath After Heart Attack And Stent  shortness of breath after heart attack and stent. The stents added to a balloon angioplasty after a heart attack help you walk for longer periods without feeling short of breath. Heart attacks, espec…

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coffee and congestive heart failure

Coffee And Congestive Heart Failure  Reduced heart failure risks are associated with coffee drinking. coffee drinkers! Among people without a diagnosis of heart disease, regular coffee consumption of 0.5 to 3 cups was associated with a decreased ri…

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coffee after heart attack and stents

Coffee After Heart Attack And Stents  Coffee after heart attack and stents. When you suffer a heart attack, you can get a stents . C offee can increase the risk of heart attacks in people who have had a heart attack. Doctors have also found that cof…

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